Needed badges

Stores usually have a red exclamation point on badges and bits if they are needed AND in short supply. I have noticed that most of the badges and bits are now marked even if I have an over abundance of them (say something in the order of 6,793/5). I don’t know if it is a bug or planned this way but my feedback is that it is more confusing this way. I preferred it being marked when I did not have enough supply of the badge or bit (for example 4/50).

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Honestly? This bug is driving me nuts. Almost every item is red dotted. In normal campaign, too.
I need always to check the item/scrap because who is able to remember which scraps are needed with hundreds of them?
Why can’t anything be done about that @Nugget?
The UI is so annoying und barely playable at the moment.

Yah I don’t know what they did, but it’s really annoying. There was nothing to change or fix.

Also I don’t like how badge booster crates show random heroes that I don’t power up when I check who the badge is for. Two really annoying QoL changes needed.

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It’s been going on for just over two weeks, since the last update:

I’m also wondering if the pink dot logic got broken by whatever bugfix reduced the lag; to be honest, I don’t know what else could have caused that change.

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