Neep Help, Please

Just started playing this game, don’t know anything. What are the best heroes? What’s the best way to level up quick? What’s the best way, to spend resources?


What does red blue and yellow mean in this game and what differentiates red blue and yellow heroes?

Generally, whoever’s newest. Avoid any three-star hero, aim for the Cheshire Cat, Wasabi, or Ian. Demona should be pretty good. As far as supports go, Jim and Kermit will get you far. Max is a great tank.

Don’t rush it, since it’s more important to wrap your head around how the stats work and to start learning teambuilding, but if you want to unlock a new mode ASAP then sometimes Mega Mart will sell several thousand Team XP. You could also find a guild with the “Double Team XP until Level X” perk.

Depends on the resources in question. Gold, don’t waste on gold crates, because they’re worthless once you reach Purple and skills are more important anyways. Diamonds, only use for buying stamina, be it from Mega Mart or directly. For tokens, choose a hero in each token shop and try to build them up, don’t waste them on xp drinks/gold credits or badges. On stamina, don’t build heroes you don’t plan to use.

The only difference is which Team Trial you’re able to use them in, and some restrictions related to Invasion and Mods.


Okay, what is the best way to get stamina and skills? I’m only about level thirty five and don’t have enough stamina to raid and level up.

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Either buy it with diamonds, or wait for it to regenerate. You can increase the number of times you can directly buy it with diamonds by upgrading your VIP level, I’d recommend you do a few surveys in Thorium Reach to at least get to level 1. There’s a minimum of 10 diamonds and 2 rings per survey, so it should be a cinch.

I’m not sure what you mean, could you clarify?

Try to get at least the 3 daily free stamina packages (at 12:00, 18:00 and 21:00 local time)

Surge and City Wagch can give you some gold. But it is important to prioritize which heroes you upgrade skills. You can’t upgrade all.

The things you use to upgrade your heroes abilities/skills

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Oh, skill points! You can either buy 10 of them for 10 diamonds, or there will very rarely be consumable items in weekly quest and war crates. Otherwise, you’re stuck waiting for them to regenerate.

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Oh, I’m used to Portal Quest (other game made by Per Blue) where you can get lots of resources fast just for playing. Do the real-money transactions change? Do they follow a specific rotation? What are the offers with the greatest value?

To be honest with you, it only get’s worse. You are only lvl 35 now, bit the amount and speed of being able to upgrade heroes only decreases. So you are going to need some more patiences I suppose…

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I don’t play Portal Quest, but I’m aware that the main difference is a complete lack of stacking deals (PB took them away a while ago). There are also a lot of bad deals. Anything with diamonds in it isn’t worth looking at.

I’m not a spender, so I can’t offer any personal insight into money deals, but there’s a lot of complaining surrounding them, so it might be better to keep your wallet put away for a while.

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The stacking deals are still on server one and I believe server eight. You can still stack a pack with a diamond offer (like buy five pounds of diamonds to get a five pound pack). It’s like of similar there, only a couple packs are good, there’s a lot of scam packs. Thing about Portal Quest is I know everything about it. The best packs, meta lines, the best toons. It’s almost become a routine, log in and do guild war, buy the $5 packs when they come in rotation, ect. I’m just completely lost in terms of what to do here, lol. What’s the best way to get the heroes? Like, how do you get diamond cartes. I only get some from campaign and quests or for 288 diamonds, so it’s pretty hard to get the “good” heroes.

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Do you know when the updates usually are? Do they happen on a specific day of the week?

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Patch notes come out Friday, updates hit Tuesday.

Patch notes are usually released on Fridays. Those updates will be in game the next Tuesday.

However only once a few weeks there is an update.

Okay. What are modules and what’s the best team building method?

Token shops, War Crates, and sign-in are the easiest, otherwise you have to be hopeful. Elite campaign won’t net you any new (good) heroes for a long, long time, and diamond crates are a waste of diamonds. Though I suppose you could try the black market, if you have the spare diamonds?

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Ah okay? Is there any way to get necessary resources? Lol. If not I’ll just pack my bags because this looks like a huge waste of time.

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Mods unlock sometime around purple, I think? They let you boost either the Max HP, Basic Damage, or Skill Power of a hero, but they’re most useful for the upgrades you can apply. HP mods can have Armor or Reality equal to a percent of the hero’s Max HP (or a useless start-of-combat shield). Basic Damage mods can increase the Normal/Fantastic crit chance of a hero, or increase their attack speed. Skill Power mods can give either the green, blue, or purple skill bonus levels.

For now, you might want to just look at top Arena players in rankings, but you’ll have to keep in mind that Challengers has special rules each month, and some heroes like Hades are just used for stalling.

I heard there are contests, what do they do and what do they reward?

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