Negative armor?

I’ve been using a negative armor strategy to remove the ridiculous amount of armor that the bosses have. (I’m not actually sure how much they have, I’m just assuming they have alot)

Mr incredible with elastigirl disc removes percentage armor. (To over 100% strangely enough) but then other toons like merida, simba and nala and hook remove flat armor numbers. Am I just wasting my time with them if all the bot’s armor is gone after 3 hits from Mr incredible?

Mr Inc’s Date El disk removes 45% per stack, stacking to 3 times. Here’s the math:

100-45% = 55
55-45% = 24.75
24.75-45% = 11.13

So as you can see, after 3 Mr Inc attacks the opponent still has 11.13% of their original Armour amount.

I haven’t tried your strategy so I can’t comment on your main question, but clearly there is some armour still to remove. I’m not t sure if the flat numbers are significant enough to justify them (as we don’t know the mama bot’s armour value - 11% could still be a very big value on a high level bot).


Ah my mistake was that it stacked additively rather than multiplicitly. (It doesn’t specify). But assuming that it got down to a number (say 10k) where it could be removed by merida, then again by simba and nala, I wonder if it begins to reverse so that they take bonus damage from physical damage.

It’s very probable the order it calculates armor removal is flat first, followed by % removal then the negation stat (both calculated multiplicatively).This is how most games do it so there is no negative armor, there’s just the 0 asymptote to chase. Negative armor values and damage amp have been shown to be way op in one too many games.

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