Nerf Moana


Please look over Moana! She is a very unbalanced character.
I have the character myself, and I don’t want to even grind her out because of how OP she is.


While it is your choice to not use a hero who you believe is OP, I have seen many players do the same in regards to Quorra. Moana is not in need of nerfing. She is reliably controlled if you freeze, stun or reduce her healing with Curse.


I don’t think Moana needs nerfing. She is strong, yes, but she is not that strong. I use Moana but she get defeated more times than I can count. The same with Olaf, Maleficent, Scar…

In this game, there is no champion. Every hero can be beaten :slight_smile:


Moana is not op. Not even close. Sorry


Can I borrow your overpowered moana?. Mine’s no good, she’s easily KO’d by Olaf, scar, and maleficent :wink: :joy:


Moana is still vunerable to controllers, like any close-range damager. No OP here IMO.


OP: Please nerf Moana, she’s too strong
Also OP: I don’t want to Grind for the OP Moana

Everything’s beatable with the right counters. She’s not that strong, a lot of CCs and Disables will help you defeat her.


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While I don’t agree with the OP’s opinion or playstyle. That doesn’t make them a “crybaby” or the like. They have an opinion that a character is too strong. No one is going to fault them for having said opinion, at least no one worth their weight in salt. Please show some tact and respect when addressing other members on the forum.


OP moana when last year?


You are correct we all have our opinions on who is op and who isn’t because I think genie is very good and Moana is not needing to be nerfed unlike in my opinion olaf should be nerfed


Olaf is very counterable and genies not very good at all


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XD which leads to different Opinions…patience though. i predict that before April is over, someone will want Alice nerfed.


I agree with many of the comments. I probably over exaggerated. Sometimes you just want to be able to beat certain characters or teams without having to counter pick or use characters you don’t have (or want).


The people who wants to nerf heroes probably are the ones who doesn’t use control heroes. They prioritize damage heroes always. Most of the players are “1 tank, 3 damage, 1 support/healer”


On the later point of the game, some Heroes “obtain” another class. Some of these examples are:

  • Sulley with his Woody Disc equipped -
    he’s a Tank/Support, a good substitute for Healers, he heals the whole team every time Boo laughs

  • Calhoun with her Violet Disc equipped - she’s a Damage/Support, a good substitue for Shielders, because she Shields the whole team at the start of the Wave

  • Nick with his Yax Disc equipped - he’s a Damage/Control, because his Charms last longer and can help with High-Tenacity enemies like Mr. Incredible


I prioritize this one… i thought it will be worth it, but not… the charm effect is like a blink of an eye…

I used to love nick… but its charm is not effective anymore… its useless… rip nick haha


He still the king of city watch!!


There’s always the Street Art Shuffle, which turns Nick into a Damage-Support instead of a Damage-Control.

It increases his Max HP and shields the frontmost ally with 60% of his Max HP if the Disc is 5-starred…

I originally unlocked the Mystic Mixture Disc for Tia Dalma because of Nick’s prolonged Charms, thinking that his Charms damage enemies as well, but I realized that Tia’s Charms only Damage enemies, not Nick’s. Nevertheless, I still focus on Nick’s Charm Disc to counter High-Tenacity Heroes, but I don’t think I saw the Thief getting Charmed for more than 1 or 2 second/s.