Nerf Randall/Beast. Balance all toons!

Not sure if they’ve ever been nerfed but heros such as Beast, Randall, Duke simply break the game. What’s the point of teamwork and creating kits with a 5 unit team when the game keeps releasing heros that can knock off entire teams on their own. It’s breaking the game and takes away creative ideas since half the arena teams are 60/80% similar when there’s over 90 toons to supposedly pick from but only 20/30 of them are viable still. This problem also flows into C.W. and I end up facing the same 10 toons that get overused in arena that are all overpowered compared to older kits. Red skills are a nice idea but aren’t viable for all players to obtain. Even with a full team of red toons it’s miserable trying to obtain skill chips in CW mode. Fix it all.


I can’t fight with your words, I 100% agree.
This trio + Pooh are really unbalanced, Duke and Beast weren’t nerfed even after such long time. Such nonsense.


The best tips I have to counter Beast, Randall and Duke is to use crowd control so they can’t use their attacks, especially in terms of Beast so Beast doesn’t become basically invincible even if it is possible to crowd control hold Beast in his invincible state until Beast are out of it, it is hard.


Donald, and any (their) ally which give Hardy buff doesn’t make it easy.

I have freeze teams for this purpose. But the kits are too slow if they have things that remove debuffs. Beast literally can’t be stopped once he gets going :sob:

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@Coco_Valentine I see. I personally go for stun than freeze, though 2 of them are strong damagers overall.
At least against Beast in City Watch I use either Sulley/Goofy, Hercules, Nick, Mickey/Wall-E and Huey, Dewey and Louie for stunning Beast long enough in case he gets into his invincible state, or Sulley, Goofy/Hercules, Nick, Scrooge and Huey, Dewey and Louie in order to take him out before Beast gets invincible.

As you can maybe see I go for synergy teams rather than meta teams, but that’s due to that I don’t have that many resources to work with and as such have to use what I have. But yeah, even if synergy teams and not meta teams I think those teams are still really solid :-).

I don’t know if this will help you, but at least I have given you some ideas ^^. One well timed stun/freeze should be enough to take out Beast, so try to figure out if you have team options that allow that for you :-).

@Musketeer Might be true, but don’t have to much other choice than trying or go all out damage and heal/support if crowd control doesn’t work.

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I am waiting for balancing the game so freaking long…its kinda dumb how I can lose with 1M power to 500k power just because they got new heroes


Amen to more balance. Roster balance should be something we continue to keep pushing and pushing.


This. We’re told to invest in toons to get them to the highest rarity and battle power. What’s the point when a new toon comes in with an overpowered kit and can magically sweep teams without the same investment?

The new toons are never easily accessible and typically live in Diamond or VIP crates which is an overpriced lottery system. With more and more toons coming out, Why would I want to dig in crates for new toons if the odds are just getting worse?


I’m getting bored of this magica can counter randall so can marlin and he is very easy to counter now. Unless you use wrong heros. He is a glass cannon. Beast as always mal counters him and there are many other ways use strong fantastic damage. They do not need nerfing it’s not necessary at all. As for Duke use timon and he does considerably less damage…


only in theory

If she catch him… also her stuns are not long enough once he’s on berserk mode, and he can can battle 1 vs 5, which is far from balance.

Bravo, everyone know about it, problem is that Duke can perform tricks after first 10 second of battle and immediately kill everyone. Timon’s nerf killed this counter.

True, it’s not working at all, dodge skill is the only issue as it can affect on all your allies and damage against scare is too big, 400%.

Marlin… he’s new and not everyone have stamina for it? Welcome to DH:BM world.

Are we talking about SA or DH?
Some DH:BM toons definitely deserve nerf… for newer, did you saw Tigger with red skill and Pooh’s bees?

Joy and Timon were nerfed, but their was counter against strong characters, which weren’t nerfed.


He cant be killed without having his white activated, without debuffing him

Disagree stitch can kill beast if you put enough crit on. Stitch can also stop randall. I never have issues with those 2 heroes. Poohs red is strong but he can be stunned etc or slowed and killed without an issue. And not seen tiggers red in action yet

I’ve used pumba against caboom and still do. You got to be smart enough. He doesn’t just have 1 Hakuna he has 2 one triggers at 50 percent. So have a healer or a way to keep him alive bingo caboom counter. All I hear is excuses. I’ve found many lineups to counter randall. Beast is easy mal does catch him mine never fails and if in real doubt mal with a stun or a slow hero game over for beast.

I’ve killed him multiple times today so hes not.

Who can read is clearly better.

All yours*

Timon won’t active 2nd Hakuna if he’s killed immediately. Also some doesn’t have this disk, or use other disk, or even doesn’t have Timon (or not owning upgraded).

Stitch vs Beast? So, “freeze” the battle for 50 seconds?


Nope my stitch has crit on and 1 shots ghim

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