Nerfs ASAP

Confusing title, but trust me, it summarizes the main topic of the post.

As we know, Sally has got recently a refresh that actually put her into the s+ tier. A veteran hero who finally has the opportunity to shine. Everything’s nice, right? Actually NO, there’s nothing right about that.

The buffs given to Sally are extremely exaggerated. Come on, 32 millions of damage at purple 0 with just 1 stack of poison? Ok, Pegasus deals billions of damage, but there’s a difference between them. THE CAMPAIGN.

Sally starts to appear very early in the campaign, and the campaign itself is where you earn badges to upgrade and promote your heroes. So tell me, HOW ARE WE SUPPOSED TO PROGRESS IF WE JUST KEEP FIGHTING WITH A HERO ABLE TO WIPEOUT THE ENTIRE TEAM WITH JUST TWO ATTACKS?? For real, a Sally at blue 2 can one-shot my Meilin Lee at yellow 2 with just a single basic attack, TELL ME IN WHICH COUNTRY, PLANET OR UNIVERSE IS THAT NORMAL.

Since the update dropped, I have been stucked in one fight where not even Pegasus can fight against Sally (she has permanent poison, and Pegasus can’t gain hardy that fast, so he ends up dying). I’m really starting to lose my patience.

If Perblue nerfed Cinderella back in the day because she was breaking the game, I don’t see why they can’t do it right know. Sally, Pegasus, Negaduck and some more need a nerf ASAP. If they continue like this, Rose will deal 3 billions of damage at white.

Probably they do this so that whales just keep paying to promote the heroes all the way up to emerald, but come on, at least give the other ones a chance to progress without paying money (like me).

In conclusion: nerf the heroes, nowadays it’s nearly impossible to progress without spending money, and overall it just feels unfunny and frustrating.


For good start.

Pegasus, Negaduck, and Sally nerfs would be enough.


Not only that, but I have the Rocketeer at R0, and he deals less with his white skill at R0 than Rose does at W. They need to refresh and nerf so many heroes, it’s actually insane.

Zeus and Maui have been nerfed, and no one a bit smart are using them now as they are useless. Nerfing isn’t the solution, it just makes things worse, if you want to vent, vent to the people who balance the characters at billion damage, otherwise, be better at game because everyone has a counter, period.


Zeus needed that nerf.

Pegasus, Negaduck, and Sally needs nerfs too. Stop lying.


Good you admit things aren’t perfect… nerfs are required.

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Do you guys think the refreshes for the muppets Hercules princess and the frog and little mermaid was less like really good than now and they are less annoying



They were hardly successful though.

It doesn’t. Let’s use an example

Let’s say there’s an OP hero (like pegasus) that has become the best one in the hole game,. Then Perblue decides to release another hero that counters this OP character. But, unsurprisingly, that hero has broken stats and abilities, so it becomes the new OP, rules the game, appears another broken hero to counter it, and so on.

If you nerf something in the first place, there’s no need to create new mechanics and highly absurd stats to counter the best character in the game in the first place.

If you want a real example, let’s take a look to the times where Cheshire cat was a monster. He inflicted way too much damage and applied saps for too long, so Perblue released Kermit, an character that counters saps and provides invincibility. To the surprise of nobody, Kermit become the best support hero because os the invincibility and fast energy gain, so Perblue released Swedish Chef, a character capable of applying lots of fatigue stacks. All of them were broken upon their release, and became frustrating heroes to fight against.

And everything would have been prevented if Perblue just decided to reduce Cheshire’s damage and cooldown.

I know these refreshes are much better than those

Sally definitely needs to be dealt with. Even when my Mr. Incredible is at Max rank, he is still not safe when battling her.

The problem I’m having with Negaduck isn’t the damage he does, but that whenever I fight him, he keeps on resisting and evading all of my guys’ attacks, no matter how powerful they are. How is he doing that?!

Sometimes I wonder before per blue releases a new hero, do they not do the necessary testing to prevent it from being too OP?

Or is it tactically done to get people to invest in the hero :thinking: and then release another OP hero and the cycle continues, not the most ideal model but :moneybag: has to be made

Anyways I guess free game no b****ing :sleeping:

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