New character predictions

Hello. I think that more characters might come as well in future updates. Take your guess and type your response.

Of course there will be more characters in the future


If Baloo and King Louie are here. Other Jungle Book characters are not far behind. The most likely are either Mowgli, Shere Khan, or Kaa.

Here’s my guesses for what characters might be in DHBM next:




Headless Horseman

Cruella DeVil


Maybe shere Kahn and kaa will be a duo, I could see kaa wrapped around kahn

Ariel from little mermaid; lady and tramp Would be two of my guesses down the line

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i guess Kim Possible (kinda) and pete.

I’m still hoping for
Lumiere. But another one of my prediction is Phineas Flynn, Ferb Fletcher and Agent P (Perry the Platypus).

Those would be good for the game.

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I hope Edna Mode, Disgust and Yesss will come sssoon.

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“Post must be ten characters”???

They’re ssstylish!

Some guesses as to who I think would be fairly likely:

  • Ariel, plus possibly King Triton, Prince Eric and/or Sebastien from The Little Mermaid - As the beginning of the “Disney Renaissance”, it’s quite surprising our only character from TLM so far is Ursula, but I suspect we may see an approach like Hercules and The Lion King where a large bunch of characters come out together further down the line

  • Someone from Hunchback of Notre Dame also seems quite likely - my money would be on Quasimodo, Esmeralda and/or Frollo

  • With Goliath released recently and the big selection of Ducktales characters before it, it seems like they’re starting to include more TV series characters of late, so I think it’s quite likely we’ll see more of those along the way. Along with a certain teenage secret agent who’s become sort of a sore topic around here, I think it’s not unreasonable to think that we could see someone from a more recent series like Gravity Falls sometime soon (they’re teasing something with the number of GF badges lately!)

  • Dumbo?

  • I think Ian, Barley, the Manticore and maybe even Laurel (she’s got a moveset…) from Onward have a good possibility. I assume the only reason we didn’t get them around to release of the movie was due to competition with Sorceror’s arena or something, but I assume there’s nothing stopping them including Onward characters sometime soon

  • Speaking of Pixar, there aren’t that many Pixar movies that don’t already have characters in this game. At my count, only Up, A Bug’s Life, The Good Dinosaur and the Cars movies (plus Onward) are unrepresented. I could see characters from these movies making an appearance…

  • Additional Jungle Book characters are possible, perhaps. I could maybe see Mowgli, Baghera, Shere Khan or Kaa making an appearance. Not all of them though

These are just my guesses though

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