New collections

I had some ideas for new collections and will post them here

The villain collection

20201118_103142 20201118_103113 20201118_103102 20201118_103022 20201118_103010 20201118_102937 20201118_102922 20201118_102912 20201118_102851 !
20201118_102737|690x253 20201118_102659 20201118_102618 20201118_102606 20201118_102527 20201118_102517 20201118_102355 20201118_102340 20201118_102327
It could have all these villans

It could also have these 3 I guess20201118_102709 20201118_102446 20201118_103033

I will post more ideas later

Jumbo, chess, and mad hatter wouldn’t count as villain, more neutral than anything

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Barbossa was good later as well.

I wouldn’t say chess is a villain,he’s the only one who helped Alice

Inside is also needed because we have the whole group!

Now here’s the question: what will be the collection buff?

I don’t count Jumba, The Cheshire Cat, The Mad Hatter, or King Louie as villains

But, i am kinda on the fense about Barbossa.

I don’t count those either not sure why jumbas there actually now that I think about it. I think there there because they were at one point but aren’t now

Well, the cat screwed up Alice, specially with Queen of Hearts, and Jumba is more like and antihero (he is an ally of Lilo and Stitch, but he still considered an evil genius)

Inside out collection

20201119_213946 20201119_214023 20201119_214012 20201119_214002

Alien collection


:black_small_square:Buzz Lightyear
:black_small_square:Emperor Zurg
:black_small_square:Slinky Dog
:black_small_square:Bo Peep
:black_small_square:Ducky and Bunny
:black_small_square:Duke Caboom
:black_small_square:Winnie the Pooh


:black_small_square:Mr. Incredible
:black_small_square:Jack Jack
:black_small_square:Hiro Hamada
:black_small_square:Darkwing Duck

Hmmm, not a bad collection.

But we’re missing one key element: the collection buff.

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Do you have any suggestions

This idea is by mister_toon

The toy collection
20201120_101137 20201120_101121 20201120_101111

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