New Community Manager

Yeah, I saw that.

I was just saying that Polaris is leaving the COMMUNITY (since they won’t be Community Manager anymore, right?), not PB as a whole.

Welcome to forums Loutre! :grin:

Ooo, nice!

And spammy community. :eyes:

Oh, good for you Polaris!


I mena, other devs are on here sometimes. :man_shrugging:
Like Leaf and CommanderJack

I’m so excited to get to meet you :hugs: Can’t wait for all the fun stuff you’ll be doing on the forum for us and with us :laughing:
Also what’s your favorite animal? Like how Polaris loves cats… it’s for the future so we can send gifs of that animal like we do to Polaris :wink:
I’m guessing it’s otters considering your name :blush:


Well, no idea that @Loutre was going to be a new Community manager, welcome to the community

And congratulations @Polaris for the promotion (I don’t know what it means but congratulations)


Welcome Loutre!


Nice to have another Disney fan here, as long as you like Frozen we will get along great :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Congrats to Polaris also!


Welcome to our huge community @Loutre ! This place always has a surprise to happen, so it will be confusing, but fun :innocent:

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Welcome! And congrats Polaris!


Every 3 months, only for Q&A’s :frowning_face:


Welcome @Loutre!

And Congrats @Polaris!


Awesome hope this new role will be spectacular and you get to add awesome things to the game :tada: So excited for you @Polaris and am happy to have @Loutre as our new manager :hugs: Gonna miss seeing you on the forum a lot… planning to see you in the next Q&A @Polaris :eyes:


You’ll have lots of fun her, trust me!

Congratulations Polaris! I’m gonna miss seeing you all the time!


Welcome; have you played, or currently play, Disney Heroes?

The role of community manager here can probably be somewhat compared to that of a Kindergarten teacher, so be prepared for that.

Those of us who are DH players value communication above all else; we look forward to discussing the game with you!

Good luck Polaris in the new role - hopefully the game will continue to improve with you on the team & with valuable insight from your time on the forums.


Welcome!! I hope we won’t have to bother you too much with silly stuff and that you may enjoy your time here!

If you ever feel like you want to know something, just ask!

Congrats on the promotion Polaris!

Thanks for all the service, posts, patch notes and kindness you provided the forums in your role as Community Manager!


Welcome, have a :cookie:

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Welcome @Loutre! :grin:


Welcome @Loutre I hope you enjoy chaos as you’ve got a lot coming your way :joy:
Good luck!



Oh… a promotion? Congratulations then! Wishing you luck!
giphy (15)

Welcome! Have fun!

And… really cute dog! :slightly_smiling_face:
Up-themed ears, nice. :balloon:


Welcome to the forums, @Loutre . And @Polaris, sad to see you go, but congrats on the promotion. Thank you for all the time and patience you have shown us over the years. Being in customer service, I know that it feels like a thankless job sometimes, but just know there are those of us who have appreciated you.


Welcome to the forum Loutre and congrats on becoming the community manager of Disney Heroes ^^.
I overall hope you will like it here even if at times things might get a little heated, but yeah most people are nice here even if sometimes really critical we just want to help the game get better :-).

And yeah, really cute dog you and yeah, dog lover here myself too :-).

And one tip, I recommend not posting Disney themed pictures or gifs for reactions necessarily, people usually ends up speculating if the character or a character from the series is coming, but of course feel free to still do it if you want just something to be mindful about.

Congrats on your promotion Polaris and I wish you the best of luck on the Producer role ^^.
Overall sounds really interesting and yeah, while you might not be here often anymore it would be fun to hear from you when the Q&As are if you can be a part of them.

And yeah, thanks for everything Polaris and best of luck going forward :-).

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