New heroes have a lower percentage drop rate?

Can per blu or @Polaris confirm new heroes don’t have a lower percentage drop rate in diamond crates ?

I know you have percentages for hero shards and full hero’s for diamond crates I just wanted to know if the new heroes have there own percentage

After opening 500 diamond crates one might expect some hero shards for the new heroes but to come away with 0 is a bit disheartening?

(Fully expecting people to come back saying 500 diamond crates is not a lot )

Im always wrong

500 crates is definitely a lot but you’ve got to understand that with around 125 characters in the game you can’t always expect to get the chips of the hero you want. Crate drops are random so you could come away with no new heroes whereas someone else might only get chips for the newer heroes.

I think it’s all about luck. When Mim was released as a crate exclusive she literally was in the first 10 crates I opened, and Pooh took just a little more, while for others I had to wait for them to show in a contest or in a shop. So it depends on your luck, really

That’s the randomness of crates for you. At this point it’s better not to expect to get the newest heroes in the crate anymore. It’s like a lottery, the more heroes there are in the game, the lower the chance to get the new hero you’re specifically aiming for.

As more heroes get added, drop rate for a specific hero goes down :frowning_face:

Drop rate for a full hero from Diamond Crate is 20%.

If there are 125 heroes, that means we’ve got a 1/125 chance of that full hero drop being the one we’re after (not accounting those unavailable in diamond crates).

So the chance to get the latest hero from a Diamond Crate is 0.0016, or 0.16% - meaning we’d have to open more than 625 crates with no drop to consider ourselves ‘unlucky’ :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah true agree with everything said here, maybe we could see more Team
Colour crates or the role specific crates. I hardly
See them on sale.

Only problem with those crates I believe is you can’t hoard them as they only contain hero’s that where out when you purchased the crates

Hopefully Ian will be contest hero this week

The explanation from @Pipsqueak is pretty much perfect in explaining the degrading drop rate of diamond crates.
Bear in mind that (I’m fairly certain) diamond crate contents are locked in at point of accrual so if you are opening crates that hit your item inventory before a new character was released, your chances of getting shards for him/her is zero.

I didn’t think that effected diamond crates only the colour and role specific crates

Sure some of my teammates used stored diamond crates and got Ian yesterday

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I may be wrong. I have a vague recollection of reading it months and months ago but could very well be remembering it incorrectly.

I can confirm all heroes in the Diamond Crates have the same chance to drop.
The contents of Diamond Crates are not locked in when they’re earned.


Good to know I was wrong. Thanks for the clarification.

Thanks guess I’ll be waiting a bit longer to get Ian Hopefully contest prize on Friday :wink:

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