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I know want new player feedback here, but just saying I’ve made a forum suggestion how to fix this before… War page qol improvement

So…would really like to see some new guild perks. The paint is long dried…

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I agree that the hero friend campaigns are very unfair to new players. I started 5 weeks ago and unlocking friendship discs is a nightmare. For example the friendship of Maximus and Flyn is level 146 and the enemies are red 5 despite being orange 4 I did it but with the help of the boosters for which I had to wait 3 weeks to reach 25 booster and still not I made it past episode two. Another nice detail would be that they put the double item event every week to make it easier for all players, no matter if it is a day of double drops, that will be enough per week.


I love the game so much it is so interesting to play with different heroes in the beginning I thought It was hard I learnt to not give up I keep on pushing and pushing

This is me coming back, S1, roughly a month old from a years-long break, and I’m currently getting my first Red heroes.

Currently, my biggest gripe is the sheer number of badge bits to get someone up to Orange/Red - it’s a consistent 20 bits for a single Purple badge, even at Purple to P+1 you might need FIFTY bits just to rank up. Then it gets even higher, they stack up- it’s too much of a grind.
Just, ease it up a bit for earlier levels. Make it easier to catch up to at least Orange, maybe late Orange at a push.

More invasion mods and mod level-up materials please. One per round is not nearly enough for FTP to catch up with. Supply chests and hero chips aren’t free enough to catch up with.

Either more Skill Points or faster Skill Point recharging please, and cheaper skill levels up to 75(?). I think it’s been said before, but gold costs and skill point limits make it really hard to catch up a hero.

More accessible friendships for some older champions please - if at least one disk per champ would be available pre-Red it could help out a lot. I was gonna suggest third friendships to help, but that would take things too far and lead to content bloating/choice overload, which is bad.

Remove the Fortify the Network contest, it’s not fun or interesting, and hardly anyone new or FTP would end up getting Progression Rewards from it.

Maybe divide Arena/Coliseum up between newer/older players please, up to a certain rank. It should make it less intimidating for newer players to climb up the rankings.


Even Red Rank currently is nothing.


Poderiam fazer algo diferente no jogo ou um torneio diferente com prêmios em Estamina ou Diamantes, algo diferenciado longe do padrão normal que se arrasta por mais de 2 anos

I may be a experienced player but recently started a new account on another server so noticed some stuff that would help

  • too many campaign stages takes too long and is tedious. A good QOL feature would to be able to quick fight campaign stages up to a certain chapter so new players can catch up quicker.

Ideally in future chapters stages are removed to be like the elite campaign that is the perfect amount of fights to get through

  • need more ways to get skill point consumables. When you get to the high account levels it’s hard to keep all your heroes at good power because your constantly running out of skill points which also leads to running out of gold. The cost of skill points at high levels is too much for new players you will constantly be running out of gold

  • we need more ways to get mods !! At the moment the only way to get them is invasion and that only gives you 1 every week if you don’t spend diamonds. This makes it harder for new players to keep up with players that have been playing longer with all those mods.

  • muti raids needs to be available for everyone including new players and free players. So annoying running out of raid tickets and having to slowly raid a campaign stage 1 at a time. If you have the stamina you should freely be able to spend that stamina how your want max raid , 1 at a time or 10x

Dude, as a high ranked player. You described EXACTLY the problems everyone is facing within the game aspects. Much respect for you and for the way you sorted out the problems and suggestions in a very organized way.
But I’d like to add few things but it is not the thread to point out the problems for high ranked players. So I’d approve these of what you sorted. Plus even myself I find some hard times in unlocking/leveling up a disk myself.

Everything, apart of heist being boring, and with next to no rewards, and it takes too long.

A few updates from the last few days


  • I thought I really liked this based on the last Invasion, but this one is just extremely frustrating and confusing for me. I know it’s related specifically to the characters in my team and others have explained why it’s happening, but I still don’t get it. I have 4 characters that do 0% damage vs a Bot. I have 1 character that does 100% damage vs Bot. If that 1 character is excluded from the team or dies within the first few seconds, then the Bot goes (basically) unharmed through the entire match. Why/How is there 0 damage being done by these 4 characters - all of the 4 are (somewhat) good characters (Zeus, Shank, Ron, Bagherra) and they all have the same level of power ups (and similar power points as my last invasion’s team at same stages)? I just don’t understand. Last event, my entire team did proportional damage (as compared to what I expect based on campaign/arena/etc fights). I basically have 1 character that’s carried my entire team all the way to tier 65 (Shego).


  • While I still enjoy this, the entire Power Points calculations needs to be redone. I understand power creep and how that’s affected the point calculation, but it needs to be corrected. A team shouldn’t be able to beat another team that’s 2x or 3x or 5x “stronger” (power points). Power points should be a somewhat relative strength score of a character. This confuses all new players because everyone assumes the ‘power points’ have some meaning, but there’s no meaning any more due to power creep. Of course, there’s character synergies and such which could make lesser power points combine for something greater than their totals, but generally speaking, “power points” should be a more accurate indicator of strength/power.

Final thoughts

  • Gold - There needs to be way more gold accessible in the game. Even as a newb (level 108), the skill costs for maintaining ~15-20 characters (coliseum teams and a few others to round out color teams or backups for off-duty days). I do like the skill design, but the costs should either be greatly reduced or more gold given out for various battles. I mean battling Invasion tier 54 or 65 gives like 600 gold coins?!? WTH? Each 10pt invasion breaker battle should give like 1000-5000 times the tier level. Each Bot battle should give like 1000 times the bot level.
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The easiest explanation here is shatter or pierce
the hero applying Shatter or Pierce could possibly do very little damage, but the hero attacking and doing a % of the bot’s HP as damage then shows as Damage dealer

Zeus, Ron, Shank and Bagheera are generally not ranked high when it comes to fighting the Mama Bot. You can refer to the tier list on tips on who to use:

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That tier list assumes you’ve unlocked the red skill, have friendship discs at max, etc. I’m a new player. I don’t even have half of the characters unlocked that is listed for the Blue invasion, so I’m using the best that I have.

I understand that Shego gets all of the damage dealt points, but if she’s not there, then why can’t the others do any real damage? They have a ton of powerups and even if they could do 1% damage (without Shego) then that could be understandable, but they do virtually nothing.

Another suggestion

It would be nice to have the “Surrender” button somewhere on all fights (pier, trials, etc.). Knowing that you’re going to lose or the clock will expire and having to just wait and watch isn’t all that fun. A lot of matches is decided within the few 10 seconds or so, and there’s no point in watching someone like a pair of Pachas run in circles for 2 minutes knowing that they are just going to expire the timer.

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That already exists. During a battle, you can go to the pause menu and click on the Retreat button to exit the battle.


You know, some people don´t pause the game so they don´t know the Retreat button is actually there.

One suggestion is Specific Badge Boosts. It is an idea I have for a while. Basically, it shows the origins of badges. It could be the name of a movie, TV show, and/or a video game followed by the year it came out. If a character is associated with a badge or a franchise associated with a badge, it could boost skill effects and make them heroes use tougher skills now. Maybe even making the badges have a emblem representing the franchise like in Super Smash Bros. Does that sound like a good idea?

I’ve had another idea that I think wouldn’t be amiss r.e. Friend campaigns.

  • More Friend energy recovery. There’s so many Friend campaigns to do and the current regen rate is very restricting. A slight boost to the regen rate would help with clearing it a little faster.
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More like better powerups. Some friend campaigns are hardly manageable. Then you’d just be permanently at max stamina.

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