New Player QoL Feedback

Invasion hasnt been a guild mode in years… the only thing remotely guild oriented at the moment is wars, and only barely


It is what it is… 🤷

Could we possibly get stamina consumables back into hero quests for prize wall they are needed very much

And stat filters

Same here even at max lv its insane how difficult they are


This is probably the best feedback right now @Loutre @Nugget

I did not want to comment before others do… but alongside my main I have now started fresh (many times on S1 itself again) well uhm… 14 times I think?
And each time the experience is pretty much the same as described in the post I´m quoting.

  • Skill Points have totally trash cap. 19, 29 or even 39 is simply nothing if you need whopping 1200+ just to max one hero.

  • Mods are nowadays impossible to get for new players. And even then SP mods are given ultra stingily while before November 2021 they were given even in contests! In actually good numbers!
    But yes… more time in the game… more mods… better heroes. Hardly combatable.

  • Red Skills. I prayed for Max Buy on Gold Crates for eons now. Obviously that won´t help all players and that´s why I suggested not that long ago Guaranteed Hero Chips in Elite every raid.
    It makes sense considering we are now given 15 Red Skill Chips per 1 Raid. We need 7.5x less hero chips, which would already require 2 Hero Chips Guaranteed per Raid.

  • Stamina… OH BOI… OH BOI… How many times were some stamina changes given in feedback. I sincerely hope Yellow Rank QoL does that. And also makes Red Rank available for all heroes… it still costs too much, despite already being 38 Ranks behind even if you get the heroes to Red Rank.

Besides… CUE Badge Tokens refresh in my Invasion mode refresh (Part 2 of Mode Refreshes). 270k Badge Tokens get one Y18 badge. Back in R8 we only got about 35k Badge Tokens less (so about 235k), but cost of top R8 badge was like… 45k… meaning one could afford 5 R8 top badges. Quite a discrepancy, eh?


Anyone starting fresh on the new server (S25) we’d love to hear from as well.

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Sorry that I mind a small question but… wouldn´t starting on S25 be similar to (or even actually the same as) starting on S1 10 months ago?

It would be different because people would all be on a similar level where starting on S1 can look more intimidating with players being such high level already.

Just… how?

I´d feel almost equally intimidated if I have seen Arena full of level 270 heroes vs Arena full of level 325 heroes… :man_shrugging:
Didn´t the team think of that?

If you really wanted to make a server for new players, it certainly can´t be at Y7+. :joy:
I know it easens the work of the team, but it really doesn´t make much difference at all, I´m sorry.
Besides, just by looking at deals in Server 1 and 25 or… eh… even free stamina gains, buy more stamina, Prize Wall, Sign-In whatever… if people KNEW Server 1 is given more (despite having higher cap) are you sure they wouldn´t choose that one instead of being stuck in Server 25?

Isn´t it just the lack of information that Servers 1, 14 and Servers 21, 23 and 25 are altogether different in nature, not just…AAAAAH higher leveled heroes in Arena/Coliseum/whatevs ?


As said in the post we are looking for NEW player feedback specifically. Thank you.

Yes. I just merely pointed out that NEW players might not even know what server they are on, let alone that there is another server. Or that the other server has different balance, so. :man_shrugging:

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We can see what server people are on when they comment here. This is not a thread for server balance, but new player feedback.

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Again I did not even slightly narrate it this way.

I said that players might not know what servers they are in. Or might not know about the existance of the other server.

We had quite an amount of players like that on Discord, speaking from personal experience. And when we told them how to get to server 1, they were like WOW! I never even knew about it.
Before winding up with the game problems mentioned already by some players above… so.

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We are seeking feedback from all new players as well as those in S25.

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I know want new player feedback here, but just saying I’ve made a forum suggestion how to fix this before… War page qol improvement

So…would really like to see some new guild perks. The paint is long dried…

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I agree that the hero friend campaigns are very unfair to new players. I started 5 weeks ago and unlocking friendship discs is a nightmare. For example the friendship of Maximus and Flyn is level 146 and the enemies are red 5 despite being orange 4 I did it but with the help of the boosters for which I had to wait 3 weeks to reach 25 booster and still not I made it past episode two. Another nice detail would be that they put the double item event every week to make it easier for all players, no matter if it is a day of double drops, that will be enough per week.


I love the game so much it is so interesting to play with different heroes in the beginning I thought It was hard I learnt to not give up I keep on pushing and pushing

This is me coming back, S1, roughly a month old from a years-long break, and I’m currently getting my first Red heroes.

Currently, my biggest gripe is the sheer number of badge bits to get someone up to Orange/Red - it’s a consistent 20 bits for a single Purple badge, even at Purple to P+1 you might need FIFTY bits just to rank up. Then it gets even higher, they stack up- it’s too much of a grind.
Just, ease it up a bit for earlier levels. Make it easier to catch up to at least Orange, maybe late Orange at a push.

More invasion mods and mod level-up materials please. One per round is not nearly enough for FTP to catch up with. Supply chests and hero chips aren’t free enough to catch up with.

Either more Skill Points or faster Skill Point recharging please, and cheaper skill levels up to 75(?). I think it’s been said before, but gold costs and skill point limits make it really hard to catch up a hero.

More accessible friendships for some older champions please - if at least one disk per champ would be available pre-Red it could help out a lot. I was gonna suggest third friendships to help, but that would take things too far and lead to content bloating/choice overload, which is bad.

Remove the Fortify the Network contest, it’s not fun or interesting, and hardly anyone new or FTP would end up getting Progression Rewards from it.

Maybe divide Arena/Coliseum up between newer/older players please, up to a certain rank. It should make it less intimidating for newer players to climb up the rankings.

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