New red skill does nothing!

Statler and Waldorf

Increasing their base tenacity and evasion by 80% does nothing, it will be still always be below the maximum player level let alone be above 100 of it to fully work (at current level 460 tenacity and evasion is required to fully work), and there are heroes which remove tenacity/evasion in huge values too.


Could the team increase the value in their red skill to 800%? Then, their evasion and tenacity buff would work.


I wonder if the text means they just gain a flat 80% Evasion/Tenacity, regardless of the stat.


No, they are still perm-disabled.


So, the idea of using them is we must pair them with evasion/tenacity providing allies for their red skill to work?

That’s just bad design. And frankly, I don’t think they are that strong or useful


And there is another issue, if Statler has at least 1 stack of Fatigue his white skill doesn’t buff them and they don’t become invincible so that they can die.

It would be nice if his white skill would cleanse at the start. @Samm

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