New Skill Idea: Friendship Skill

Friendship skills are skills that can be performed if a friendship pair is on your team and if the skill meter if both heroes is filled to blue.

Friendship skills combines the powers of both heroes to make one powerful attack like a synergy attack. (Results may vary)

For example: Ralph/Vanellope- Minty Bomb: Ralph can take a mint from Vanellope’s back and throw it and Vanellop can squirt diet cola at the mint, turning it into a bomb that blows up at enemies leaving scolding residue in enemy territory.

If you have any ideas of a friendship skills let me know.

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Sounds intresting.

Will it happend Idk. But for sure intresting.

Your ideas are very cool, but I just do not see them happening and being enjoyed by the player base as there it will be another thing to consider when building teams and using resources.

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That would complicate things, wouldn’t it?

It would by a lot, but I enjoy reading your ideas though.

Do you have a good idea for a friendship skill?

I would have to think about it some more. I will probably do some for my favorite characters and pairs if I have time.

No hurry. Take your time.


Not only that, but the animations would be hard to accomplish, because every hero attacks at different paces

Yep! That as well.

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