Newest Badge Crate feedback

So, after a lot of time we got a new Badge Crate.

It gives full badges from R8 to R12 rarities (last 5 level cap increases, excluding the most recent one).
Let´s just say it´s too vaguely written description, some may find it thoroughly confusing since it involves a lot of thinking.

Now, the crates would have hold a great value IF they only gave full badges that can be equipped instead of a crafting portion.
Because, let´s say it widely, a badge that needs 1200 stamina to craft (w/o double drops) ain´t worth 350 diamonds. Right now in S1 one can get 1200 stamina for 200 diamonds (if they decide to have first 3 buys of Get More Stamina) or 150 (if they buy two one day and one the other day).

Therefore, if the badge crates are meant to hold a better value than stamina crafting, they need to be priced at less than 200 (ideally less than 150) diamonds/piece.


yeah, during FTN I’ll happily buy them all as they aren’t such bad value, but they also aren’t good enough that I’d buy them on another occasion.

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How about giving us some Slinky dog crates??? Instead!

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