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Hello everyone! With the 4.1 update we also launched our newsletter (we’re working on fixing that tiny newsletter on email mobile apps you might be seeing). Here’s some info for some questions we’ve been seeing plus we’ll have a promo code for you for reading this post that will be active for 8 days starting today.

  • Make sure once you sign up and get the confirmation email to click the button in the email to confirm. Replying to the email with “yes” or “I agree” will not work. You MUST click the button and follow all the prompts or you won’t receive your rewards.
  • Once you confirm your email it may take up to half an hour to get to your account, but once it does you’ll need to go to your medals to grab that reward
  • Not all emails will have promo codes. Promo codes will mainly be given out in emails.
  • Promo codes are also case sensitive.
  • An email can only be used once per user.

If you have any questions regarding the emails/promo codes please put them in this thread!

Now go use promo code: summer2022


Is it suppose to have diamond crate bonus?

Nope, it should just be cosmetic crates.


Does this mean it:

  • Different per e-mail send out (but everyone that receives that e-mail has the same code)
  • Or everyone receives a different code in their personal e-mail?

And are the rewards simular to the code given out today?

For context:

Rewards will be different depending on the code.

The codes will be a mix, some will be the same for everyone and then some will be unique for each person and only redeemable by that account. Promo codes will also be time sensitive. For example summer2022 will only be valid for 8 days.


My email is connected, but it won’t give me the 200 gems. I got an email confirming that I’m connected so I don’t know what’s up

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Yeah but I did this yesterday, it been over 14 hours


I sure hope we get something a bit more useful in next promo codes.

I did not expect anything but considering the Prize Wall reverted hero quests some stamina consumables (2,000) would be very helpful and welcome.

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Yeah, I’m having the same issue. I confirmed the email yesterday but no reward. The medal is not letting me claim it.

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Input my email yesterday and received my verification email.
Opened it, clicked on the link and verified my email.
I have even received a second email thanking me for subscribing but still no diamonds and still shows this under Promos

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Because it’s not verified, it even says on your screen.
You need to wait. then check medals.

It should be like this, then you can claim 200 diamonds.


You need to receive a third e-mail starting with “Welcome your nick

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Do I have to make my own promo code

If you’re not seeing the confirmation email have you checked your spam/junk?

I thought it was just the subscribe one? I’m terribly sorry if your not talking to me but it’s the only email I got sent

I also deleted your comment @Goof10 because it showed your email address. Please make sure not to have personal information visible anywhere.


My bad but is im not getting the your verified thing is that still on the works?

Lol no?

Promo code is summer2022, gives 5 Cosmetic crates

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5 cosmetic crates.

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