Next guild crate


How can we find out who will be next in the guild crates? Was wondering if I should save up.


Only PB staff know.
Players will find out during reading patch notes 1.4


Well i suppose you might be able to datamine but idk. I spend guikd coins to buy twn guild crates. If i were to guess, i would predict a semi new character who wasnt in sign in. So maybe merida? There are others but that is the first i could think of. Howevver if they putting unwanted heroes in there then the nextbone will prolly be the hero hatwd by most. In this case i would say maybe felix!


I doubt it will be merida I think it will be someone previewed in server 1 like bogo


I guess next hero crate can be one like felix dash elastigirl or nick wilde


Willing to bet dollars to donuts its felix or elastigirl.


My bet is Vanellope.


My bet is Nick or Yax.


Bogo was the previous sign in hero. At least for us he was!


Most likely it will not be a hero that you can farm in the shops that will be a waste if they do. So highly chance are hero you can only get by farming in elite stages


XD it looks likw they keep the guild crate for two months…i forgot XD also i am thinking felix so far


PB change guild hero ALWAYS in major updates.
Which coming in 2 weeks.


Oh ok i thought it was at start of minth ty for clearing that up :grin:


It should Be Hiro because if he’s in guild crate,It will be easier to unlock him.


I don’t care for Hiro or Baymax.
To be honest I don’t know if I can integrate them into my team at the Moment…
I would love to see Nick Wild.


Same @Wild_Eule also i doubt hiro will make it in there. They do mostly old characters that everyone (except the noobs) already have. My top thoughts on who is most likely: Felix, Nick Wilde, or maybe Woody


My bet is aladin hiro or baymax


Probably someone useless nobody uses, so I’ll go for Flynn.

What annoys me is Jack Jack was up for a stupidly long time, then Bogo seemed to be up for a few weeks at most. Be nice if they were consistent instead of making people wonder if they should even bother.

Same goes with the shops, they’re so inconsistent with how long a toon stays there, or if it moves to another shop, or just vanishes. If you knew they all changed on the 1st of the month, you could work out you can get one to 4* but won’t be able to get them to 5* so could save tokens once you hit 100/100. But you’re just left in the dark, I’m at 134 Tia chips now, no idea if they’re gonna take her out the shop before getting her to 150, could swap her out tomorrow, or it could be November. Absolutely no consistency with Perblue, they just seem to do everything with a “that’ll do” attitude. Do they come on this forum to read feedback? They don’t seem to, glaring issues the players have been complaining about are still prevalent, they don’t seem to address anything at all (unless it’s costing them money)

I’m fine with most of it, I don’t pay money to play - but I’d feel a prize fool if I was spending big money on a game where the developers just patronise and insult their players.


It was only inconsistent for the first swap, it’ll change with every major update… basically anytime theres a new VIP crate hero is an easy way of looking at it. The shops are definitely inconsistent though. Major updates have been fairly consistent at the 6 week mark, within 3 days.

Polaris reads the posts, and since he’s also the one who responds in game to tickets I think he does pass on our suggestions, the devs just don’t listen to all of them.

For the next update count it on the week of OCT 16th


XD some heroes move through the shops cuz i assume they arenot loved XD jessie has been in arena for as long as i played the game i think.