Next guild crate


Why do people keep saying the next update is probably going to be on October 16th?


Because major updates come every 6 weeks


Does anyone know how long jail stays in your mailbox? As in guild coins?


Coins from mercenaries being hired don’t expire. I’ve got merc coins going back almost 2 months. The “gift from the guild” coins expire after 5 days, so you do need to collect those.


Excuse me but why do you have all these coins in your mailbox? Have you tried using them?


Because I’ve already had Finnick at 5-stars for a while now, & I’d prefer not to waste them on hero chips I’m never going to use. Using the “gift from the guild” coins alone these last several weeks has already gotten me over 100 extra chips for him.


:open_mouth: oh ok my bad i excuse you XD


There should be a function where you should be able to spend those excessive coins for lower levels on your guild…


Or change thwm to guild loyalty perhaps?


Yes but a one on one exchange rate is too much of an impact maybe…


@polaris !!!


@Polaris When do guild crate heroes typically change, i couldn’t find it in any of existing chat, doesn’t mean its not there. Just wondering if there was a trend or is it just random different times.