Next update, when? (Part 1)

Before we had 2 updates in 2 weeks in a row.

That is true I forgot about that!

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Patch notes should be next Friday. Update is going to be mid-February now.


Next Friday is 2.7? 2.14? :thinking:

This Friday is 2/7
Next Friday is 2/14 It’ll be patch notes from my heart to you :heavy_heart_exclamation: :laughing:


Thanks! I will wait next patch note :star_struck:

This will be gift from heart.
New red skills :relieved:

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Any chance of not raising the level cap? Heaven forbid people stand a chance.


That won’t happen. It’d be too soon.

But yes, they need to slow down cap increases, or else the game’ll go too fast for itself.

I think PerBlue is either treating us like trash ‘cause they want to, or it’s that Disney is pressuring them with higher pays. Disney earns part of the money from PerBlue, you know? Solo deals? They might’ve been Disney’s work.

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Guys… if PerBlue keeps the cap increases rates up, we’ll reach Gold+0 in January 2021.

How do I know? Portal Quest (other PerBlue game) just released a new rarity. R14 is the last red rarity.


Maybe we will get female charther in next fridday maybe minnie mouse?

Oh, so it’s not going to be cyan like it was with Dragon Souls?

That’s tomorrow. Can’t wait for Syndrome.

The whole thing means that update is on 18/02/2020.

Cyan was actually before Red in DS, it went up to C4 and then R2 / 165 is where the game ended. :pleading_face:

I don’t think they will reuse Cyan in DH, because the Blue colour here is very similar - DS used a much darker Blue.


I was thinking Yellow next.

Technically, it is

You say that but the last 2 cap ups were only like 3 weeks apart.

Three weeks. Not one/two

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