Next update, when? (Part 1)

Yes it is Polaris this time

Maybe it was Polaris… No it was.

Probably Polaris

I think is polaris

Perfection takes time!

Thanks for being patient :wink:


It’s out


Just had this thought in my head🤔 Since Randall was the first broken hero two years ago and we got at least 3 last year wonder if this year we will be getting 6 or more broken heroes😂

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Which 3 would you classify has broken. Imo its Ian and Cheshire but thats all I can think of.

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Mulan was but no longer is.


Yeah those three Mulan Ian and Cheshire… still wondering how Maximus is broken like a lot say he is🤔

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About Alameda slam, not sure his frIends with jafar or some villains including lock, shock and barrel

They aren’t villains…

And most broken hero for now is Cheshire only.


I know the patch notes for 2.6 is out, but when is the update out?

On Tuesday :slight_smile:


It’s always gonna be on Tuesday

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Thankyou both so much! I have been waiting for kermit for a long time, this fills me with joy. Thankyou for telling me guys :smiley:

That’s why a Tuesday after a patch note is released is my favorite day.


Is there any signs of any more signs of characters? Friend campaigns? Cameos in the storyline?

No, since there hasn’t been any images in Photo Gallery or here about it.

Yes :pig:

He was accidentally leaked by PB

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