Next update, when? [Season 2]

Who else is thinking we are getting more Toy Story heroes this year? :thinking: Maybe Barbie will come :joy:

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Oh no. No no no!
I hope not! :grimacing:

Dance party with Barbie :man_dancing::dancer:



No Way is she coming in the game

When can we have the wish crate available again and this time, permanently? That wish crate release was just a test.

Well, then who is it?

Show it in a PM

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I am so confused, I made sure I didnt reveal them…?

And I’m sure the patch notes are this Friday.

I won’t tell you until you PM me

If anybody it would have to be Mr. Potato Head. He’s the only one left in the original cast not in the game.

I don’t think they will add him because of the license issue

Hey, hey, hey. No spoiling allowed.

Not spoilers!!!

Yes is in tomorrow!

What about Slinky? He’s owned by a toy company and yet he’s in the game.

Hamm too he’s a toy the way sorry for spoiling

…I don’t think Hamm is owned by a toy company…

He’s just a piggy bank

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