No gems being transferred to mailbox from Fyber, Tapjoy, or Theorom


This morning after 10 AM EST in USA, I completed offers on all three offer walls. When I check the status on all three offer walls, it says the gems have been rewarded. I am not however getting any mail in my inbox with the gems.

Prior to 6 AM, everything was working fine.

Anyone else experiencing this issue.

Thanks in advance


I’m having the same issue.


Great it’s just not me then. It would be great if a few more people would also confirm this.


I’ve sometimes had problems mostly with tapjoy not delivering diamonds, but i’ve sent ticket and they always responded to me (only one time it was negative). Send support ticket with screenshots of you completing offers to tapjoy. With fyber i only had one issue and they handled it poorly but try sending them ticket also. I don’t have theorem offer so i can’t say but sending ticket to them if they have that options is best way to go. Automatic response from tapjoy is pretty quickly, few minutes, actual response with resolutions takes 2-8 hours depends on the offer.
All that stuff is going trough them not trough Perblue so they usually don’t respond to this kind of so Perblue usually don’t respond here, but if the problem presist and is not resolved by Tapjoy, Fyber or Theorem try sending ticket to Perblue. Also welcome to the forums @Decaye :slight_smile:

Edit: I didn’t do any tasks in few days, that was just general problems that i’ve had


Thank You, Divljak


Just got awarded Tapjoy and Theorom offers.

Now just waiting on Fyber 30 gem offer


They usually send them right away, possibly there was some sort of server crash or something like that, don’t hesitate to write here, most of the times someone will respond, but sometimes patience is the key! :slight_smile:


Just got Fyber offer credited. Perhaps someone is reading this.

We are all square now. All offers have been credited

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