Non-white skill cast timing?

How does skill cast timing works? Majority of my loss in arena and coliseum is due to enemy control heroes (mostly disgust with her silence) casting their control skills before mine.

Is it due to hero level? Skill level?


Hero level and skill level, not to mention mods. You get energy by damage you do and such so if they do more damage before you or use a skill before like disgust’s silence then they will most likely use their white first. If you are facing Disgust I would reccomend Ian for his “Boom Bastia” or to level up your Disgust’s silence more than the other (If you have her)

There’s such thing as speed upgrade on modes but i believe what you mean it seems like defending lines have some advantages on auto. If you try to spar same heroes in chat with no mod advantages always you get controlled first. I understand that sounds s like some conspiracy theory and silly but i remember this topic raised and we experimented in vip chat and it is what it is😁

Tried levelling up my disgust’s green skill to max and I still got controlled first sometimes, even against lower leveled enemies.
But yeah, seems like it is rigged so that defending team gets the jump on skills/controls? I am level 67 so quite sure most of my enemies dont have mods yet (because I only have 1 myself, from my first weekly invasion).

Maybe that’s intentional, but kind of weird.

I assume they have the timing slightly lowered for defending teams to a) make it more challenging and b) prevent people from using the same heroes as the enemy team. It forces you to strategize a bit.

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