Normal Campain - Ch. 6: Port Line (Dock 26E)


I am trying to beat {INFECTED} Normal Campain - Ch. 6: Port Line (Dock 26E) to win “Lawnmower Remote Plan” bits…and just can’t! :cry:

The Brute creep just won’t die & I run out of time. I don’t lose any of my players; I just can’t get past the Brute. Does anyone have a trick or tip on how I can defeat the Brute creep??? I’ve upped my player’s skills like it recommends & still nothing.

My trunk players & skills
1) Buzz Lightyear (78) :star::star::star::star: :arrow_right: P: 8,525 [P+3]
Skills: Laser Action (76)
Anti-Gravity Cage (76)
Pulsar Push (15)
Power Up (10)

2) Eve (78) :star::star::star: :arrow_right: P: 8,418 [P+4]
Skills: Hand Cannon (76)
Shield Directive (76)
Ion Shock (15)
Combat Efficiency (12)

3) Maui (78) :star::star::star: :arrow_right: P: 8,284 [P+3]
Skills: Shark Bite (76)
Take Flight (76)
Psych Up (16)
Hooked (11)

4) Mr. Incredible :star::star::star: :arrow_right: P: 8,161 [P+3] :arrow_right: Disc: Date Night :star: lvl: 2 :arrow_right: Red HP Mod lvl: 5
Skills: Grand Slam (76)
Pound Quake (76)
Super Duper (16)
Hale & Hearty (10)

5) Ralph :star::star: :arrow_right: P: 7,985 [P+3] :arrow_right: Disc: Piece of Cake :star::star: lvl: 7
Skills: Wreck-It (76)
Shouting Match (76)
Grand Slam (16)
Big Duty (10)


Just looking at your line up my first thought is you have no fantastic damage dealers. Pull Maui for Sulley , Mr. I for a fantastic damage dealing support…i.e. violet or tia and try again.


Your team should be a mix of both Normal and Fantastic Damagers. Maui’s a True Damage Dealer, but unlike Stitch, who has his True Damage Skill not an Active Skill, he (Maui) won’t activate it until the Brute can be KO’ed

In your team, 7 skills are conditional, 2 skills deal Fantastic Damage, 1 skill deals True Damage, and 10 skills deal Normal Damage

Mr. Incredible’s “Date Night” Disc, which, I believe, lowers armor that mitigates Normal Damage, is practically useless against the Brute, who is immune against Normal Damage.

You have 3 Tanks. Switch Maui with a Fantastic Damage dealer like Elastigirl or Vanellope. Switch Mr. Incredible with Sulley, 2 of his Skills are Fantastic Damagers.

Level up your Blue Skills, they don’t seem very balanced compared to the White, Green and Purple Skills…


Holy crow…there’s a lot of lingo in there that I don’t know! :joy::joy::joy: lol But thank you for all your feedback and I will be sure to make the changes that you & @SUPA_MISSAY have suggested.


thank you so much for your feedback & suggestions!!


What kind of lingo don’t you understand there? I’m not criticizing you, I just need some few keywords so I can make it clearer for you. :slight_smile:


your sweet for following up on my reply. The lingo I didn’t get was “Fantastic Damagers” & “True Damage Dealer”, but I got the overall gist of what you were trying to say.


Okay, let me simplify it for you :slight_smile: .

In RPG Terms, Normal Attacks can be related to Physical Attacks, the Fantastic Attacls to Magic Attacks and True Attacks to “OP” Attacks.

Stitch is the best example of the variation of Skills because he has all three Skill Types.

You’ll know the type of Attack they are by:

  1. Going to a Hero

  2. Press the “Skills” Section

  3. View the Skills and look for a symbol in a grey circle beneath the Skill Icons

    • If it has a fist, it’s a Normal Attack
    • If it has sparkles, it’s a Fantastic Attack
    • If it has cracked shiled, it’s a True Attack

You’ll see more detailed descriptions of these Skill Types by:

  1. Going to a Hero

  2. Press the “Stats” Section

  3. Press the Detailed Stats

  4. Press the (!) Icon beside the Hero’s Name

  5. Press the > Button until you get to the end

Sorry if I just made it more complicated…


RIGHTEOUS! That was some seriously awesome info…thanks again :smiley:


It might not help the way you want it, but for me, I easily beat almost any level with my 5 first heros just because I have upgraded all their skills to my current level, and also enhanced their badges as much as I could. Hope it helps👍.


No, it’s a good tip…thank you.