Not gaining any health on promotion?

I haven’t been playing for very long but I’m wondering why Nick Wilde in my collection is so extremely fragile (when I can’t find anyone else saying anything similar), to the point I wonder if his stats are bugged. He’s supposedly one of my strongest characters, but his health is below 8K whereas even supposedly fragile characters (i.e., Judy) that I have a full 2 stars and an entire badge level lower, are way higher.

I noticed on promoting him from P2-P3 badges (I just got to the level to be able to equip it) that he gained 0 health from the upgrade, whereas other characters gained at least some. Is that intentional? Or am I doing something wrong with him? Or is there some bug that’s preventing him from gaining any health he’s supposed to be getting from these promotions? (Tried to reply and attach screenshots for comparison with other characters but I don’t have permissions to do so yet)

You probably lost HP from previous enhanced badges and the promotion gave less than all enhanced badges bonuses together.

But no, it’s not bugged, as soon you equip all badges on that hero his HP will be bigger, and once enhanced it will be even bigger.

I haven’t actually done any badge enhancements (it seemed like a hassle so I ignored them altogether), so that can’t be it. I wish I could actually attach screenshots for comparison because I can’t understand why else his health is so incredibly low compared to characters with significantly less stuff in everything, and the only references I can find to him just say his stats are okay.

Take Judy, who I can at least find some people complaining about being fragile:
Badge level: P2 (with all badges except one equipped)
Stars: 2
Level: 70
Health stat: 11,104

Or Hamm (I assume as a damage character he’s not supposed to be a tank anyway):
Badge level: B1 (with all badges except one equipped)
Stars: 2
Level: 42
Health stat: 45,150

And then Nick, who is pretty much at the top of my roster, but…
Badge level: P3 (with all badges except one equipped)
Stars: 3
Level: 74
Health stat: 7,426

He even has the same collection buffs as Judy. I’m just going crazy trying to figure out why it’s so bad compared to everyone else, to the point I can’t keep him alive at all as I start to get to higher level stuff. The fact he isn’t gaining anything on promotion makes me think he’s missing some that he should have due to a bug.

That’s because he is newer so all his stats are higher.

It’s more balanced after Yellow.

At max Nick has over 10M more HP than Judy.
For now Nick just might get less HP from badges but it changes the further you go.

Hmmm, okay. I guess that makes sense, people probably just talk about late game. Curves certainly seem wild this early on though.

Good to know it’ll balance out a little eventually. Thanks for making me feel slightly less insane.

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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

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