Notes Today?

At least it means no long writing for a patch notes this week :joy:


No notes:belarus::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

Thats a pity, but they probably skipped the notes this week because next week it will be the server 5-6-7 merge


Why would it ever have been this week? Theres no reason at all for there to have been patch notes today, I have no clue why so many people seem to have been expecting them.

Patch notes for 135 would be expected next Friday on the usual schedule.

But Patch Notes happen every two weeks. It has been 2 weeks

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Patches with cap raises in them happen every 2 weeks - and we just had one this week! That update there was just an intermediate server update to reshuffle heroes around for the new month & a few other bits :stuck_out_tongue:

But the cap raise was for servers 9-15 (as I recall), not an actual cap raise, where new ranks are introduced to the game, not just the server

Those are every 4 weeks, and its only been 3 :wink:

@Polaris so can we expect patch notes next week?


Is the wink meant to represent a joke? Cause I am pretty sure there are 7 days in a week, not 4.e6

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Not at all, I dont know if Im being trolled here or what

Last patch with a new chapter being introduced was released 18 days ago - so 21 days on Tuesday. Thats 3 weeks. The new chapter came to the later servers this last week, 2 weeks later as usual. The next chapter should come in 2 weeks time, so not this week but next week.

6 mooooore days to patch notes.

Kim. Please finally give us Kim.


You mean Monday or Friday, in this week?

@Polaris will there be patch notes this week?

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Patch notes today?

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I Dunno. I would think they should go ahead and release Simba and Nala.

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They did along with Jafar.


Now we wait for the patch notes today

No not today no mods online :weary:

Polaris Said we would get Patch Notes Today so we will.

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