Nothing to use diamond crates for


Yes I am a spender and I have all the characters. This now makes my diamond crates now useless as there is nothing to pull for.
I thought the aim of the game was to have so much choice that you have to decide on upgrades and also the choice of characters. If you play in any of the top 5 guilds then you find you are battling teams that are a replication of your own team. It would be nice to know that the release of 3 characters a month would come into play. The truth is if you have spent money to be at the top why oh why does the game suddenly become boring. Sure you have released Gaston but there is no way I am going to use hundreds of diamond crates just to try and pull one character. Besides if I wait a week a deal will come up to buy him anyway. So again I tell you my diamond crates are now useless.


You could try spending less


Also the guildchest is. I mean i have saved my merc tokens from august… so maybe you can put 1 new hero in guildchest, 1 in vip chest and 1 in diamind chests?


It amazes me that the people who spend lots of money on what is essentially a “collect them all” game then think they can complain once they have collected them all… I mean, what did you think was gonna happen? You spend enough to fully max out every character and all of a sudden they’ll add another 20 people for you to collect?


Disney heroes and villains! Gotta catch them all!


Just save them for new updates. Don’t sweat it too much. Even though I don’t always agree with some changes Perblue has done, they seem to be pretty good about releasing new heroes on a pretty consistant basis.


And then the devs say there’s too much gold and that were supposed to “select a team” to focus on…


Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe I just read “I bought everything now I’m bored”…


That’s EXACTLY what you read…