November sign in hero predction

I am trying to predict november sign in hero there are 4 options i got
1 ariel the little mermaid will have 30 years aniversty in november which would mean she is likeley to be added in next month
2 anna she was not added unlike elza and olaf from frozen so she could be saved for frozen 2 s arriveing in november
3 launchpad mcquack disney plus will be realeased in november since he is darkwing duck s sidekick he should be added
4 forky refering to simba and nala s second disc tin toy robot forky could be the only charther that would realete to this disc since he was seen to be in tin products shop in most off toy story 4 s plot

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I don’t think forky is coming

i did bring proof to any off the 4 charthers which explains why they can be possibly the next sign in hero

I know that

I want & think it’ll be LaunchPad it just fits because they have been releasing a lot of Disney Afternoon Characters like last month Huey Dewey & Louie And this month MegaVolt, And LaunchPad is coming this month

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I doubt forky will ever come. And that pleases me cause I believe he ended the series. Not supporting the little fork right now

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Maybe is prince philip by maleficent 2 or Anna by frozen 2

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Most likely Launchpad will be November sign in hero

What about Scrooge?

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Not sure, maybe as December sign in hero?

But he was revealed before launchpad, they could release right next to each other at that point

Well, not sure if Scrooge will come before or when Launchpad comes

Scrooge was also revealed before Gonzo but Gonzo came first

This is true scrooge was reavled in cameo and it was shown in early september he have cameo in his nephews s friendship campigan and gonzo was shown later in 1 off miss piggy s friendship campigans i think it was miss piggy and the queen off hearts friendship campigan scrooge mcduck could come in december due ducktales christmes spicel so he can be our december sign in hero

But Facebook says that Scrooge will only be available as a dialogue character and not a playable character

Why not Jasmine?

Maybe what if what is in facebook is lie we had cameos and any charther who caneo joined thus including shank jasmine and even gonzo so scrooge must come

I think Scrooge would come for the anniversary, it seems like the right time to bring him into the game. :grin:

Donald is coming for anniversary probably Scrooge will come for Christmas

Also FaceBook said Gonzo was also just gonna be a “Dialogue” Character But He’s in the game so “Dialogue” Characters always end up coming later

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