Null Mr. Incredible Please

I can’t take it anymore. I’m level up their skills, i’m two stars ahead of your opponents, i’m levels ahead of your opponents and i get them to the rank they want. And it takes me weeks to do it. But every time. Every. Single. Time. Mr. Incredible shows up and when his blue skills activates, the game is basically over for me and his allies are not making thing any better. It takes me another few weeks just to do beat with your whole team intact.

I’ve tried everything, enchaments, level them up some more, different disk combinations but nothing works.

So this is my last resort, please i beg you, null Mr. Incredible. Lower his defense, make him do less damage. I don’t care what you do at this point but please just make Mr. Incredible beatable.

He really doesn’t need a nerf. If you disable him he’s practically a sitting duck as you slowly pick away at his health. I use Felix (Fr) to keep him constantly frozen which allows the other heroes to damage him safely. (I’m not saying Felix is the best counter, I’m just giving one option that works for me).


I agree with @Slinky-Dog that Mr Incredible doesn’t need a nerf. He can easily be controlled with disables or slows.

Winnie the Pooh (Ti) might also be able to help, but there are really much more options.

Maybe send us the line-up you’re struggeling with and the heroes you can use. With that we might be able to help you


I doing Yzma’s friendship campaign with Ursula. On my team i have Gaston, Ursula, and Yzma. And can get through the first wave just fine but in the second wave i have to deal with Mr. Incredible, Joy, Huey, Dewey, and Louie.

It’s a team effort, Huey, Dewey, and Louie lay down there bear traps, stunning my team leaving Mr. Incredible to beat the tar out of them.

And what TL and Rank are your Yzma, Ursula and Gaston? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Do they have disks? Skills levelled?


If there are three there is at least Yzma with a disk (or is it Ursula? Correct me please)

Important furthermore is whether there are power-ups and the rarity-ranks

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Mr. Inc doesn’t need a nerf, the friendship campaigns needs change, currently all skill levels of enemies are equal to white level instead being lower by 20/40.



This change is SOOOO EASY!!! Why hasn’t this been changed yet? @Polaris (setting this as a reminder for when they get back)


You are totally right that he is frustrating and sucks the fun and progress out of the game at times. I have been so angry at being stopped on a bunch of friendships by him being crazy OP!!
I think for the campaign : Ursula needs to Hex him so Yzma turn him into a llama, Gaston soak up the bear traps, then when Mr.I comes back to human you red potion him?

Gotta remember: He is also really helpful to a lot of players! In our guild MrI mercs that are vital for lower rosters to complete CW, or clear levels in Surge. He is a hammer for a lot of campaigns.
I think there are ways around him; a couple tactics that have worked for me in the past: if they are available to you(not always possible in friendships!)

Hank &Dory can swing in and blind and offer a slap/stun
King Louie can both move him back& sap and his memory disk will automatically slow him if Mr. I is the last one standing.
Syndrome and Buzz can bubble him but inconsistent.
Rajah is great to suck up his punches and drop a beefy hit, microbot to get his attention also.
Merlin,Genie,Facilier have transmogrification.
Rapunzel w/best day ever disk can whallop him to the back and slow him down.
You could build a team that focuses on nerfing his bd? There are some interesting combos that will reduce bd if slowed, armor stipped,etc.
Maximus has taken a silenced&Studied Bob Parrs best punches and spit apple right back at him!
Stitch(Ma) has a great slow and enough damage to make a difference.
Olaf is pretty durable and gives good constant freezing. K&S help lock him down, and the heal can get you back if he manages to get one rocketpunch off before you freeze him, or if he gets loose.
The new MadMadamMim refresh gives another hex option that could be helpful, especially since there is a passive that could be very useful against those fights where the computer starts the battle half-cocked and ready to punch your face right away.

Sorry your going through a tough patch! I hope you are able to break on through and finish your Friendship Campaign!!

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I use Dr. Facilier, he is very good against tanks like that


I agree with u my team is jim ian angel Maximus and kida and just ian alone shreds him

If he gets stunned he’s a sitting duck, regardless of how tanky he is.
He only really becomes a problem if you let him wail on your guys for too long.

Now chesihre cat

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