Ok, so we can't cheese Jafar with Yax anymore, now what?

He’s hardly been nerfed. Combined with Goofy, Ducky&Bunny, Joy and whoever you like (probably Bo Peep or Anger) someone’s gonna get you unless you have your own copy of those heroes. Arena teams are going to be even more same-y! What gives PerBlue, you had no problem over-nerfing Quorra and Tia but apparently content to let Jafar keep making 95% of characters irrelevant?



Olaf disc

That BARELY does anything to help unless you got the disk maxed and multiple purple skill buffing mods.

Jafar’s damage output is way too high, especially for a character that can do his strongest move right out the gate.


As a person who normally tells people they are complaining to much and that (Insert Disliked addition here) is good, I think they either need to Nerf Jafar or make a good counter hero (Like Timon and Pumbaa was for Merlin) and make them easily available quickly or Nerf Jafar but actually nerf Jafar.

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They could make a character who grants your team a few seconds of invincibility at the start of the battle… what do you think?

Wow, that is completely balanced and fair! No kidding, in this current meta it is, probably :smiley:


PerBlue totally just made Jafar harder. Top 60 player here and I cant beat a team with Jafar and goofy w/Jessie’s disk anymore. The dervish attack kills my whole team before the fight starts. At least prior to the Yax fix I had a chance.

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We’ll probably get a new hero that can kill everyone before the battle even begins next!


Yeah, this is totally stupid, I opened topic about it and some people saying that I jumped into conclusion too fast without test teams, but for real the ”so called” solution was a bug which isn’t a solution, and now in arena 90% of them are Jafar, Goofy, Timon, Joy, and Ducky, and you basically just hope your max team is more maxed out then others… what a joke, nothing like before, you see some other team configurations and was pretty close fight and you can actually tell what happened, but now just like keep your fingers crossed that your team didn’t get wiped out at the beginning of battle.

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I think the main thing needs nerfing is Jafar’s Scar disc. His other disc is kind of useless since basically most maxxed new heroes have really high evasion stat and Jafar constantly failing trying to charm (especially like Bo and D&B).
The Scar disc is what makes him hard to control. Maybe instead of allowing Jafar to use the wind skill at start of the wave, maybe make him invisible when Jafar hits like certain damage to enemies or when every few percentage of his health are depleted or something. It’ll make more sense with Scar since invisibility is one of Scar’s skill.

If stop moaning about him it gets worse piggy and animal even worse.

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False. I have 3 stars and the purple skill mod (+10 skill level) and I have no trouble now. It worked well even before the purple skill mod against most jafar teams

Never underestimate heroes that target back line.

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The problem with Jafar is he gets to fire at start of combat before any backline targeting will help you. Even before Woody’s lasso (this is particularly unfair IMO).

Every top arena team now includes Jafar, Joy and Goofy. It is boring as heck.


Well that’s rubbish I’ve same and 4 mods on joy and die her and timon not true

Well that’s rubbish, cause it works

Was goofy involved? He makes basically any “I’m going to tank this whirlwind” plans fall flat on their faces.

they need to make an unstable hero which doesn’t get controled like they used to do in dragon soul, because the same thing also happened with a character called spectral drake.