Old man tree aka the old stump hero concept

The eternally angry stump found deep in the forest is ready for battle… and a little mayhem.

Role: tank

Entrance: the stump is already on the battlefield but asleep and wakes up letting out a long yawn
Victory: the stump let’s out a loud laugh
Defeat: the stump will fall to the ground and a lily stands atop his chest

Basic attack: he will violently smack the enemy with his stick.

White skill: aviary ambush
A pair of vultures will swoop down and attack the enemy. The stump will be invincible during this.

Green skill: battle of brawn
The stump will move forward and continuously jab the enemy with his stick dealing a lot of damage. He can still be attacked when he preforms this.

Blue skill: forest fire
The stump will light his stick on fire and toss it at the enemy the flames will begin dancing as they attack. This will slowly damage the enemy and bite at their health. The stick will then teleport back to into the stump’s hand

Purple skill: fierce fiend
The stump will progressively heal when he uses “aviary ambush” and also become stronger as a result.

Red skill: the woodland warrior
The stump becomes much much more powerful when he uses “battle of brawn” and is once again invincible when he uses it

Friend: Snow White
Campaign name: into the woods
Story: Snow White has been assigned with finding the stump and is horrified to notice the familiarity of a giant wooden monster…
Allies: Randall, kaa, and hopper.

Friend: Pocahontas
Campaign name: the flames of life
Story: Pocahontas believes that there is a way to help the stump given that she isn’t knew to talking trees…
Allies: Bagheera, pacha and Pooh bear (all characters who could probably help persuade someone into reforming)

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