Old Stripes (Shere Khan Character Concept)

Shere Khan


Role: Tank

Position: Front

Trial Team: Blue

Stars: :star::star:

“You have spirit for one so small. And such spirit is deserving of a sporting chance.”

Stalking onto the battlefield, Shere Khan stalks his enemy and attacks with brute force.

Entrance: Stalks into the battlefield

Victory: Taps his claws to the ground while giving a smug look

Defeat: A look of surprise come across his face.

Basic Attacks: Bites the enemy


White Skill: The Hunt is On (Normal Damage :facepunch:): Shere Khan pounces into enemy territory and slashes them each slash deals X damage and stuns enemies for 5 seconds

The stuns is more effective towards enemies with a level of Y or lower

Green Skill: Detaining the Victim (Fantastic Damage :sparkles:): Shere Khan lets out a might roar which does X damage and scares them for 5 seconds.

The scare debuff is more effective towards enemies with a level of Y or lower.

Blue Skill: Element of Suprise: At the beginning of each wave, Shere Khan goes invisible and infiltrates the enemy lines. While invisible, he is undetectable to enemies for 7 seconds

Purple Skill: Beastly Luck: Shere Khan’s basic attack has a chance of receiving critical damage

Red Skill: Old Stripes: Whenever Element of Surprise is activated, the enemy gets paranoid and gets a scare debuff.

The scare debuff is more effective towards enemies with a level of Y or lower

Z attack speed
Z Energy Recovery
Z duration for Element of Surprise


Captain Hook


Campaign: Boy vs. Beast: Captain Hook helps Shere Khan hunt down Mowgli under the impressions that Peter Pan is the one bothering the tiger.

Disk: Cat-fishing:

Disk Memory: Detaining the Victim adds a stack of hardy for Shere Khan

Disk Power: Z armor negotiation, Z armor


Campaign: The King of the Beasts: Scar and Shere Khan compete to see who the true king of the beasts is.

Disk: An Interesting Chase:

Disk Memory: The Hunt is On increase attack speed

Disk Power: Z Basic Attack Z Skill Power

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