Older Disks are now underpowered

I’ve noticed lately while going through some of the older heroes in the game, their disks are way underpowered compared to the disks that we’re getting these days on new heroes. Now yes I know the older disks were released at a different point and state of the game, but would it really be too much to ask to have these, or at least some, of the older disks on older or original heroes revamped? It could really give some of our older heroes uses and better potential at being used and incorporated more than they are.



Just an example here, top disk is woody who was original to the game. Middle disk is Maleficent who wasn’t original to the game but was released a little after. Bottom disk is kida who is newer to the game

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Using disk power on old disk is worthless.

But that’s how balance (or more lack of it) looks like in this game.

It’s easy to compare how bad it is here…

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Exactly, it’s gotten to a point now where our older heroes have become practically unusable, no matter the amount of disk power you dump into them they still aren’t even close to usable. This making our older heroes sadly useless

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What do you mean useless ralph and yax are amazing :joy:
i am really enjoying this research :joy::joy:

Even among old heroes, there could be some differences: for example, at level 84, Dash’s Violet disk would provide 5210 skill power, while his Finnick disk would provide only 1737 skill power.

Of course, those differences, amusing and significant though they are, pale in comparison to the differences between new and old disks. Just another example of how ridiculous power creep is in this game. I mean, I get that new heroes need to be stronger in order to get people to want to invest in them, but when it gets to the point where people are better off abandoning almost every hero more than a year old, that strikes me as going too far.


When heroes get refreshed, their discs get refreshed as well.

honestly older update, I remember it’s 0.2 update

The Stitch disks are still pretty good I think (but if PB increased the slow and healing percentage I wouldn’t complain lol), but I agree that many of the old disks aren’t as good anymore.

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for example Ralph disks, pink one boost 25% stun length, and gold one heals when an enemy is stunned,
also 25 percent improved healing.
So now these are less effective and less powerful

Yes Ralph and Yax can be decent in a situation here and there, as all heroes can. Main point is their disks are still very underpowered to some we have today. A revamp or refresh to those and others as well would help them out even more

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Haha yes, 0.2 update with buzz as well. Was when game was still soft launching and testing so some players like myself who wasn’t a part of that completely forgot about it lol, original to the full release but not soft release. So you’re correct

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