Oswald Hero Concept

Hero: Oswald
Role: Control
Stars: :star: :star:
Trial Team: Blue

Quote: Hey! Watch it!

Normal Attack: Oswald flys (like a helicopter :helicopter:) and his long ears slap the enemies he is next to (dealing damage with each hit)

W: Ear Swinging: Oswald Spins around the Front line enemies, dealing X damage to each front line opponent and stunning the rest of the opponents for 4 seconds.

G: Big Bird Bounce: Oswald jumps high onto an enemy, Dealing X damage to that enemy. Once he is in the air, Oswald will Stun Mid line enemies for 3 seconds and steal 50 Skill Power from the back line enemies.

B: Freezing Flap: Oswald will Fly up and down, spawning cold air. The cold air will then fly to an enemy, Freezing them for 5 seconds.
(If Oswald is Level 43 or higher, he will stun the back line enemies after frozen for 5 seconds.)

P: Electric Reaction: Oswald pulls out his Remote and Blue Lightning :cloud_with_lightning: hits an enemy, stunning the enemy for 4 seconds. And now Oswald’s “Freezing Flap” freeze will freeze an enemy for 7 seconds.

Mickey and Oswald: Help me Out
Goofy and Oswald: Mickeys Heck of a Pal

“Quote: Hey! Watch it!” Is from my Epic Mickey 2 Game.

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Correction Counter

Mickey mouse is in red so Oswald should be in red (-1)

I think there’s more valuable quotes… (-3)
Game!? (-3)

No animations (-5)

Basic attack not normal attack (-1)
Basic attack is straight up OP (-3)

Ear Swinging? (-1)

Big bird bounce? (-1)
No definite amounts (-3)

If I go in a helicopter and go up and down cold air won’t come (-3 for logic)
Skill level doesn’t give new effects (-1)
Stun for how long? (-1)

The rule for Purple skills (-3)

Goofy disk name is too long (-1)
Mentioning other character (-3)

No friendship disk effects (-5)

Correction count: 31

Statement: come on!! you can do better than that!

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Stop with the Sin Counters and stuff :sob::cry::angry:

It’s called criticism. If you want to succeed, you have to take it and learn from it. That doesn’t apply to just concepts.


I learned about criticism back when i started posting character concepts :slight_smile:

Oh… ok dudes… and I think dudettes…

Don’t mean to get ur hopes down(I really don’t)but, didn’t Disney sell Oswald to Universal?

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