Our records in Codebase!

So simply, we post here our records (New High) from new game mode - Codebase! When new is achieved just create new post with the screenshot.
I will try to keep the absolutely best score in this first post.

The Best Score - Hit The Limit

9.22 Quintillion - @Raymond and @Moist



I think Highest will be of Phaldow.

This seems to have been an outlier. Used same team again and did well but not close to this score.

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What a score…

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What did you use? Not like it is going to matter but may be able to replicate and see the reason.
160-169 is the Megabit cap per run.
450 in a day.

What team did you use?

is that fake number??? wow how come lol
now Numi_S1 score seems tiny :slight_smile:

This is my best score

That’s my girl :tada::tada::tada::tada: So proud🥲

But… others?

I DMed you the team😊

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Raymond if you can PM me about this team I will really appreciate it.
Because I will love to have your help to get as much as someone can in this hard core boss.

Tbh just using Amelia and a few others can easily get you to 30😊

Wondering when, if anyone, can top the team score?:thinking: Possibly but I’d need to find a new team better than my score posted at the top of this page :sunglasses:

1.3 trillion :thinking:

296 trillion. I hit this score with a minute to go, and then the score didn’t move at all for the last minute (as seen below)


So I found that there’s a limit to the amount of points… 9.23 Quintillion😂


What team are you using? @Raymond

Never mind, got it.

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