Out of Raid Tickets

Im out of raid tickets, never had this problem before. Did something change? Does anyone have this problem too? This wat the game is no fun anymore.

Have you been doing a lot of power crafting recently? A lot of people run out of raid tickets by doing that when there are no double drops active. It’s very easy to burn through thousands of them in no time at all.

I never use Power crafting. Sometimes I buy some stamina. But not more then before. Maybe you get less raid tickets since the last update?

I’m out of them pretty often too (TL 110, Vip 4). It’s not THAT MUCH of a problem, but it’s very annoying.

Provide us with some background information to help us better understand.

Vip Level
Days played

Example i have over 50000 raid tickets, I’ve played for over a year I’ve never bought the bundles that included them. I power craft every hero that comes out since the inception of the power craft feature. I always use 2x drop backpack when fully upgrading a hero’s badges to the next tier. There is no possible way to run out under these circumstances.

I’m level 140 and VIP 13… And I never had it before… pretty weird!

I used to do that too… but im suddenly out of raid tickets…

I play the game also over a year now.

Really odd seems to be no valid explanation🎃

Can you give me some? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Haha I feel like they should have a cross realm mailbox option , let’s make it happen @Polaris

Yes. Would be nice. Or an option to trade stuff

Do you know how you got to 50000? I use the double drop bag now, and spend a lot stamina, but my raids stay the same, it’s not growing… So how did it grow to 50000?

It feels like you no longer get raid tickets in campaign battles anymore

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