Overall thoughts on Carl?

Carl is one of my favorite Disney characters and I was wondering what everyone’s thoughts were on the him in game. Does he fit in the Meta and what team would he thrive on? He doesn’t have explosive damage, but I find that when paired with Disgust, their huge damage burst goes off at the same time and really cripples the opposing side.

I haven’t used Carl really and also not seen him in opposing line-ups, but I know who to summon to answer your question:

summons @Musketeer


He’s good, but because of his low damage he isn’t meta-level hero, high A-tier.

Silence and fatigue are always helpful, and Manticore disk gives 1M SP to himself and allies.

If you use him pair him with supports, he doesn’t really have a own way to stay alive.


I’d say this is better suited to be in strategy and guides. But since it’s here already, nvm.

First glance at Carl, seems like a better Disgust in terms of silence. Because of the fatigue. And yup, I agree with Musketeer. I saw the heal available in his Eeyore disk. Seems attractive at first but now I think about it, maybe he should be paired with a healer. Or a support.

Nah, despite (not really often) healing, it’s still much worse disk for him.


Nope. Definitely not better.

That was gonna be my question to you since the heal did look helpful, I still was unsure of what disk to focus on

Manticore disk.

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