Overpowered Scrooge (Friendship Battle)

I am currently trying to progress Colette-Megara’s Friendship Campaign.
While it was not easy, I managed to get most of the way there.
Then this happened:

I can’t really follow what happens, but Scrooge does something that obliterates the entire team almost instantly, without Megara being able to activate her placate in time to disable the opposing team.

Since this is preventing from advancing the mission chain, I am getting frustrated with always being roadblocked.

As an aside, this is the thing I hate most about Friendship battles, there are two slots being used by characters I never use, yet the game keeps making me expend valuable resources on them just to get past a Friendship battle.

I think it would be best if we get to choose who accompanies our Friends into these shared battles, so I could have Megara, Colette and two characters actually effective in combat instead of the two failures I am forced to use.


As someone who use Scrooge, his attack pattern is always like this: he throws a coin, then a bag of coin and then jump on his cane to enemies… and by the look of it, he destroys most of your team with his bag of coin…

He is weak and vulnerable to disable. Once he get charmed or stunned, he stands still until get defeated…

So, my advice here for you are:

  1. Link Meg to Collete if she is stronger than Hades. If Hades and Timon are not your main heroes, dont waste resources on them. Instead, try making Collete and/or Meg stronger (I’d like to know which of them are your main/invested heroes though)

  2. This is the 1st wave so there is really no way to save up energy… anyways, when your Meg reaches full energy, play it slow and time it right before Scrooge jumps. When he jumps, he will avoid all attacks

  3. Scrooge deals only fantastic damage. so if after trying and nothing works, try enhancing fantastic-providing badges. And if you can, use mods…

Good luck. Hope this helps


Up your T&P, he’s good . You will need him when you fight with mulan tho

2 ways:
I suggest you upgrade the purple skill of t&b, to avoid crits from Scrooge.
and just promise others heroes

Every time I’ve tried this, Scrooge starts jumping on his cane before Meg uses her placate.
In the best runs, she uses her placate just as he starts jumping.

Meg and Colette are my most enhanced characters in this group.
And I link Meg to Colette to keep her in the battle.

I am uncertain how to get mods, I had a few, but most ended up being used on Anger to get him through his Friendship ordeal.

Mulan is not my concern at the moment, her Friendship is level 150 and I am level 127.

I remember that level… it was a bit of a pain.
Link Meg with Colette, and remove T&P. If Scrooge has less enemies to K.O., he’ll gain less energy. I did it this way

All new friendship campaigns are absolutely overpowered and should be nerfed.
But that would change, unlikely, it’s a way to spend more… and more…

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Thanks for the advice, it took several tries, but eventually got past the first one.
Second one is still problematic though.

I think I’ll just have to resort to a brute force solution, raising Meg and Collette’s level so high they outmatch this team.

Not wasting resources on those other two, the last time I did it, I burned all my gold and nearly all my XP bottles, simply to play though 5 levels with the “Dead weight” team members.

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Yeah… all you need for that campaign is Meg to survive. And then Colette will do the rest

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The latest friendship campaigns are really frustrating. Since they put us against really strong teams and make us use heroes that we probably don’t use. That forces us to invest gold and xp in unnecessary heroes.
I understand your frustration, I take a long time to get the disk Kristoff and Kida, since the heroes that are used in that campaign most do not use them on my main team.
Those friendship campaigns must be fixed and I agree that they should let us choose our own heroes.


Or guild mercenaries, each one stays for one chapter.
It could cost extra, or battles use more stamina, but it should be more than helpful.

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I don’t know what a guild is, since I’ve never really thought about it.

Since I am Australian, I would prefer to play with others in my timezone, but am uncertain if an active Australian one exists on Server 16.

So until I gain more certainty, I am not in a guild at this time.

That’s doesn’t really matter, guild modes are made for such things and lasts for 20-24 hours. And day time is of course longer than sleep time, so you will have to talk with someone, of course if guild is active.

Guild mercs too, you can get them anytime.

If given the option, I think I’d default to using Meg and Joy as the support classes.
Meg to keep the front line contender in the battle, Joy because she heals the entire group.
Doesn’t matter how much health is lost if she keeps restoring it.

That’s the primary problem I keep encountering here, the fact I’m never allowed a healer, if I could just restore their health somehow, the difficulty involved would be reduced by 50%.

Example: when in wave 2 or 3 with only 10% health, the battle is already lost.

Es muy sencillo, sube al max a T&P, esto te evitará los criticos de scrooge, y manten a hades al menos en n5, lo conseguí con meg en n7 y colette n8, pero tenia a T&P en r1

Yo creo que esta en el server 21, y la campaña está en N1. Solo ocupa mejorar un poco a Timon y a Pumbaa en mi opinión para que su Azul le haga suficiente daño para venerlo fácilmente.

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