Overview of bolt

This is a new serie I am going to be explaining the heroes deep and possible reasons why that hero was put in the game and also explaining the classification of the hero also explaining origins on animation skills and even trial teams

Also known as why it was put in the game

You see bolt was a very emotional movie ( I wish I could cry) and it was popular and recent heroes like for example helga and shego come from animated movies and/or tv shows that were popular and bolt is well one of them and since per blue seemingly loves putting popular and unexpected Disney shows/movies in the game why not pick bolt

Section 2 also called the trial team origins

Bolt is a red hero this is not long you see the background of the title screen is orange similar to red that’s it

Section 3 also known as why the animations

In the game it is higher quality like lilo but somehow helga is lower than vinny to Some people like myself this is because that Atlantis characters have an aura and weirdly and outline that is more visible vinny has a mustache which gives it more proof and seemingly more quality helga no facial hair

Back to bolt. As you see bolt has fur covering his body, so they made a texture for the fur and how the collar blends in. Bolts surperbark and super jump and superspeed have a major artwork other than the dog that is right it always involves dirt and a shockwave. The super speed is kind of a shockwave but no dirt in the animation. The victory animation is like normal playful dogs pose and even the wagging tail probably took 3 days to make. The defeat is from when bolt sees his movie double cuddling penny in a rehearsal of the episode but it would be more convenient if it was just a movie inside a movie and looks sad.

Overview 4 also known as attack origins

Basic attack is a Laser which is from the heat vision. But in the movie even though it was just a burning stare and no lasers coming out.

All of the skills accept the purple skill is from powers in the tv show that was being made in the movie and the red skill is bolts guilty face/ puppy eyes “power”

Overview 5 also known as theming of the skills

Bolts main deal is normal damage to all enemies and his purple skill deals bonus true damage also bolt has more fight and armor sort of than other stats because he is super powerful and super durable

Overview 6 random sector

Theming is dog puns these puns might be bad that they might make you “beg” for good puns. So meet 3 funny jokes “dawg”.

Joke 1

Why was bolt securing low value coins

So he can keep his pennies safe from danger

Joke 2 why did bolt cross the road

The road looked like a tuxedo ( tuxedo cats and bolts hatred of cats in the bolt tv show which was made in the movie bolt get it)

Joke 3 why is bolt the best guest at a grill-less barbecue

His heat vision heats up and he is careful in what is at steak

Overview 7 also known as strategy just put bolt in a team that increases attack speed and basic damage otherwise anything is great

This is an interesting post…

Few comments though:

  1. The sentences read very difficult as they are too long. Try breaking them up into smaller sentences, use more punctuation and capitalizing the heroes’ names when you use them.
  2. Your headers and formatting are inconsistent, try clearing it up with formatting.
  3. Most of what you’re saying is already stated ingame, and doesn’t add any value
  4. When referring to his stats, you need to be specific why it is higher, lower etc. “Fight” is not a stat, and when you say more armor, more armor than who? If you want to add value you need to use actual data from other heroes or stats to make comparisons.

Hope that helps!


I am having fun making it

That’s great! He just wanted to give you some tips so that it’s easier to read :smiley:

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