Overview of zeus

That is right the big man, the massive damager, and the lightning god Zeus is so strong that he has blessed me to make an overview of him.

Section 1 also known as appearance. Zeus has the same quality as bolt and Swedish chef this is because that in Hercules animation style it involves advanced frames and subpar resolution. Zeus is a big tan man with a robe and white hair he is also godly. Zeus also has white hair.

Section 2 also known as why the colors

You see Zeus is on the blue team the sky is blue and the red skill name is ruler of the sky

Section 3 also known as skill origin

You see at the beginning of the movie it showed Zeus throwing his lightning bolt which is his basic attack and green skill his white skill is a storm and his blue skill references that he he made Pegasus out of a cloud.

Section 4 animations

Zeus has good animations like helga

Section 5 random section

This random section is spelled backwards

Zeus spelled backwards is suez which sounds like that character from gravity falls

Section 6 also known as basic deal

Zeus does a lot of damage and stuns enemies and can heal himself and increase his. Attack speed by a lot

That is all for now

What is this?

I think they were trying to do an overview like another user who does overviews of heroes, that being @Bendy.YT.


Oh no if you read this you understand that this is episode 2 Overview of bolt

Oh yeah
Follow my comments I posted there!


Or… that world famous canal in Egypt


Good point but Zeus is Roman greek

Or because all the other Hercules heroes are on the blue trial team, and characters from the same piece of media are almost always on the same trial team


Zeus is greek

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