Partner for Evil Queen?

I’m planning to replace Donald (He’s getting power creeped imo) for someone that has a stun synergy with the Evil Queen. However, I don’t know who might be the best hero that can synergize with her.
Can someone give me any tips on who to train that has synergy with her? I have her Gaston disk at 5-stars. Thanks in advance.


Launchpad with his Hiro disk is an excellent option since you’ll have two heroes boosting stuns, however you need them to be control role.

Gaston himself is also a great idea due to his stun synergy between his Calhoun disk and red skill.

Lastly, I’d suggest Huey Dewey and Louie since their skill power raises with each stun. They also give start of combat stuns to maximize her damage.


Also, a scare team with mike wouldn’t be a bad idea since he can passively stun enemies through his purple and red skills to disrupt enemies and boost her skill power.

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I’m using Mal together with her ;))) I know Mal is a old hero and many dont like her but I do and still use her in my main team ;)))

What Gjm said. Launchpad (Hi) would be an excellent option.

If you need someone to stun though (with Launchpad), I’d work on Hiro (Da) :eyes:

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If you want a good team that has evil queen then I suggest using this team

Evil Queen, Tron, Ian, Rapunzel and Mulan

Only thing is we use evil queens other disk not the stun disk. The other disk is better.

But if you want to use the stun disk then this team should work
Still. You get stuns from Tron, Rapunzel and Mulan and protection from Ian

Fear is one of the best hero in the game currently, and he stuns as well, he always stuns for 4 seconds all enemies, but due to his fast stack gaining he can stun for additional 9 seconds, making it 13 seconds.
Another amazing stun source is Syndrome.

Nick with red skill stuns up to 10 seconds all enemies; but it takes time.

Felix have fast energy gain and stuns for 5 seconds with active.

Darkwing and Eeyore also have long stuns.

Launchpad is bad.

Is Your Majesty (Queen of Hearts) good with EQ? Then that would give me another reason why I want her in a shop after her refresh. (I’ve been waiting for a while.)

Her frequent stuns are nice, but aside from that I don’t see a lot of synergy here. Not saying they hurt each other, they’re both solid heroes and would definitely work well together, but there isn’t much synergy.

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What I had in Mind was a Evil Queen, Hank and Dory and Queen of Hearts Combo, your majesty would push enemy back and slow them with her red skill meanwhile Hank Dory stuns them with “Whale Call” boosted by Evil Queen (Ga).

Its not the best but it can be interesting.

It would be good if you add someone who also reduces tenacity and evasion - currently LSB are the best.
Otherwise enemies will ignore stuns or reduce to 1s and your plan will be ruined.
With Queen’s knockback more enemies will be scared.


well I recomend darkwing (mr) because with his disk he stuns the first 4 enemies that deals crit to him, at five stars the disk stuns 8 seconds and with the boost of the EQ(ga) the stun duration increases to 14.8 seconds so this stun is a lot and can counter crit dealers, also put LSB to takeout the evasion and tenacity of the enemies, hope this helps :slight_smile: :upside_down_face:

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You’re right, I’ll consider them or any other future heroes that can lower evasion/tenacity with this team. Thanks for everyone’s suggestion, you all have really helped me with this decision!

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