Patch Notes 3.7.12

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Update 3.7.12

Welcome to the Disney Heroes: Battle Mode 3.7.12 Update! This release features a bug fix following the 3.7.11 update.

Bug Fix

  • Fixed a bug where The Underminer could become permanently invisible during battle.

This is a full app update that is currently planned to release tonight, but will be a forced update on 3/18.


Today?! Wow that was quick. Thanks for telling @Loutre

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Okay and Thanks Loutre!

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I wasn’t expecting to see patch notes this week but hey I’m glad it’s a bug that needs to be fix but there are a lot of characters in the game that need a refresh

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this was an unscheduled update that just complements the 3.7.1 patch, hence why we’re still on 3.7.1X - 3.8 or whichever scheduled patch is next will be more substantial!


@Loutre Quick thing, I think you wrote 17 March instead of 18 March in the maintenance note title.

Thought I let you know :-).

It’s technically available now, but will be forced tomorrow. I fixed it!


I see and thanks :-).

Not sure what is best, but yeah got a bit confused as we are 8:30am CT 3/17.
Like 8.30AM CT is many hours ago.

Either way, thanks for all your work Loutre :-).

Thanks for the update Loutre

Needs to update for a bug and then releases another $50 “update” bundle.

I see you :joy:

that was quick.

Why aren’t the new Colossal XP items in the contest?

I think something should be done about his memory disks. Both of them are shortened by “Vi”

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