Patch Notes 4.0-A

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Update 4.0-A

Welcome to the Disney Heroes: Battle Mode 4.0-A Update! This release features new content for all servers!

New Hero Locations and Content Adjustments

Servers 1-14 Update

  • Team Level Cap increased to 310
  • Heroes can now be promoted to Yellow +15 rank
  • Chapter 56: “It Is Coming” is now available
    • Elite Campaign features: Jack Skellington, Shank, Hercules, Merlin, Alice, Duke Caboom, and Yzma

Server 18 Update

  • Team Level Cap increased to 310
  • Heroes can now be promoted to Yellow +15 rank
  • Chapter 55: “The Oasis” and Chapter 56: “It Is Coming” are now available
    • Elite Campaign features: King Louie, Scrooge McDuck, Joy, Megara, Gadget, The Mad Hatter, Anna, Darkwing Duck, Hamm, Clawhauser, Russell & Kevin, Raya, and Sisu

Servers 21-25 Update

  • Team Level Cap increased to 255
  • Heroes can now be promoted to Yellow +4 rank
  • Chapter 45: “Ominous Days” is now available
    • Elite Campaign features: Joy, Wasabi, Slinky Dog, Ian Lightfoot, Maximus, Angel, and Clawhauser

Note: Pacha will be available again when the new Battle Pass begins on June 1st!

This is a server only update that is currently planned for Tuesday, May 24, 2022.


Just as I was typing in another topic! Haha.

Battle Pass hero? :eyes: Will he be in Special Crate too?

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Well that makes battle pass completely pointless to have old heroes from prize wall.

Shank! Hurray!

Now just 3rd spot for Mad Hatter…

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Oh please… What else did you want? An exclusive hero? Obvious NO


So is this the final double cap?


Yes, definitely better than someone who already I got hundreds of chips for, exclusive hero or sign-in hero would be better.
Paying $30 for what? Nothing.

Yes, unless S1 will get somehow double cap rise. Now we’re all same!

Let’s hope not. If anything S1 should not get many cap raises instead… if there is a plan to let 21-25 catch up.


No bug fixes?
No anything new?
Really hope next week will bring more as I honestly struggle to find reason to keep the grind up…


They will be ok with almost a year of double cap rises. :smiley:

3.0.10, June sign-in, and some more info for battle pass, and these bug fixes, hopefully Pacha’s Kronk disk will be fixed, and Daisy’s purple skill adjusted.

Yes, more than this

It is repetitive
It is boring


Well I wouldn’t hold it against them

But seriously this is great news! The torture is finally over!!

I can’t remember the last regular cap increase. No thanks to PB for that, but so glad it’s over! Hopefully they never repeat this horrible mistake for anyone else.

Now hopefully I no longer need to be a complainer lol.


If we got double cap rise this equally means you will get too.

But things ahead a rushed, for some reason.


Well it means S18 will get it, probably not me since I will almost certainly quit the game if they ever do that again lol.

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Not a mistake, a progress needed for merges, once S1 + S14 + S18 will be done later this year (summer?) then S21 and S23 (if not even S25 too) will get double cap rises to meet same cap as S1 for another merge.

Will be worse to have like 11 ranks to catch up after a merge, this way is… better, hurtful, but Loutre already said you (not you Ruby in particular) can leave.

So eh, nothing players can do.

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Yeah, but the implementation was horrible and a huge mistake. No extra content aside from very occasional normal campaign double drops. Forcing people to spend (a lot) if they want to keep up. Exploitative and shameful


Overall, the economy needs improvements, red skill asks for too much hero skill chips and hero chips too, stamina for badges is also way too big.
Overall in comparing to DSA, this game is much more P2W friendly, but needs adjustments, really badly.
Content wise too, as DSA is better proving this now, since like few months.


Well they could always stop spending and see what happens lol

I get it, double caps were needed. But players were taken advantage of in the process.

The double caps should have been accompanied by increased content, and all I’m saying is I’d hope they do that in the future.


We have no plans to make any Heroes Battle Pass paid exclusives.

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Of course we’ll get this

Couldn’t we have instead sign-in heroes in battle pass, ex prize wall heroes are pointless as everyone gets easy 6* heroes from them.

Like for this month, we could get Voyd as sign-in and battle pass exclusive at the same time, automatically fixing poorly given sign-in hero chips, as it gives only 3* hero after a whole month, while prize wall gives 6* after just few days, if not on 1st day.

And what will happen with VIP crate?

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