Patch Notes 4.3.12-A

Lo único que me mantiene en el juego son las pruebas que dan cada semana … el juego ya esta demasiado aburrido. Solo que el límite aumenta como si no hubiera un mañana …en serio,? La misma Rueda girando hay mismo… Que absurdo se esta volviendo esto… El puerto estancado ,las pruebas lo mismo , hay quedo !! Encima lo que mas aplastó es las insignias de batalla que usan bebidas a lo que es muy cruel ya que mejoro una insignia y la otra cuesta mas y la siguiente aun mas… Osea que se les pasa por la cabeza …en hacer esto… Y la misericordia de recursos que dan en competencias y expediciones diarias ya no caben… A menos que gastes $$$ aveces pienso que estoy tratando con un bot que con una persona real …en estos foros… siempre dicen que en un futuro y el futuro nunca llega …espero que hagan algo con el gran descuido que le ponen al juego… Ya que nada les importa… A las personas reales que estan en su juego…


SOOO MANY PATCH NOTES!!! That’s great to know that people are working hard on the game


Not much to say here, but it overall sounds nice.:+1:

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What are the changes to Joy’s red skill?

Still not fixed.

isn’t that now? I’m not seeing it :man_shrugging:

I think that’s in 1 hour.

Maybe in 7 minutes… or maybe not.

It is visible for me now, so not sure when it was, but it is now

they should’ve put the timezone next to the time to make it clear, as this game has plenty of international players


where is the new rank? why yellow +20?

Was there a change made in this update to the way Badge Crate drops are determined?

I haven’t seen it mentioned anywhere, but before the update we needed around 10 open, eligible badge slots to receive a useable badge - now it seems that we need over 20 :man_shrugging:

I know PB is in a company retreat, but some badges have errors with auto crafting with this Y20 update. Saxon is for sure one. I know there is at least one other, but don’t remember the badge name.

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Reading this made me happy to see that revive heroes are fixed :blush:

Sad news: it was never like that.

If all 6 slots are equipped, the badge crates can give next rank badges.

You need 5 slots equipped and one badge crafted, but not equipped to get guaranteed high badges on other heroes.

Already posted here.

I had posted about it 3 hours before it got posted there. Forgot about the known issues thread :sweat_smile:

True, but I think the post with chapter 61 badge bits was more accurate than “some Y20 badges”. :slight_smile:

imo, excellent new badges, nice to get a bunch of references for Amphibia and The Owl House, hopefully, we will get characters from these series too.

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