Patch Notes 4.6-A

It is stated to end when servers merge, then it will continue in the new server

The Battle pass makes it impossible as they decided to have something monthly after taking away the Monthly rotation from sign in hero… makes sense to me…?

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I’m mostly cool with some of the shop refreshes, though I haven’t gave Tigger or Jim Hawkins their 6th star yet. Then again, I don’t normally spend CW or Surge tokens because I don’t to run out of them. As we’re starting off the new year, we’re about to reach the next month. So I’ll see you all in February!:heart::bear:

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for the city watch can you add Violet and GOGO

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So why Quasimodo is getting recap deal but no her.

And Quasimodo should appear in franchise deals.


Quasi the chad​:sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

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