Patch notes tomorrow?


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There will be patch notes today simba and nala waited enough more than month and 2 weeks passed ever since newset update we allready seen jasmine cameo and jaffar s disc memories so all off the 3 will come in a patch notes today

Well that was for servers 5,6, and 7. Who said they had to be all servers? Server 1 usually gets a cap increase first so…

It would usually be this week, but it might be delayed because of the server merge.

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Well it was already delayed.

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How do you know? They are usually posted around midday CT on a Friday

So, what? They can’t release new hero(es) without stupid cap rise?

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The server merge allready happend 2 days ago in 14 .8 today is 16.8

Indeed it did. I imagine working to set it up was quite a big task, so could easily have pushed back the creation of new stuff for an update.

The reason we had merge 2 days ago was to prevent delay off the upcoming patch notes today

So…are the notes coming or not @Polaris

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I play on server 18 I can assure you that an update is coming in the next few days because the hero chip crate has Alice and Megara and they are not in my server yet. And I do think it’s time they add young simba and nala to the game

@Polaris any chance you could let slip if we’re getting patch notes today :grin:

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@emitz Yes.


What?! Can you repeat that again?

Post the notes when maintenance starts. So we are entertained



I knew it


Wait…we are having patch notes today?

Hype hype hype. :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Why are you here? The patch notes are over there :arrow_backward: