Pb u need to do something about perverts in the game

I got silenced trying to defend a little girl that was being molested. I got silenced. Thr molestor was still asking her sexual stuff and there was no one to deffend her cus the only person who was defending her got silenced.


U need to really start playing attention to who u silenced in the game.

Ummmm do you know how that… works…?
You can’t do in a chat.

What did you say to this person? There are certain things that automatically get you chat silenced upon saying them.

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I said atop asking people if they want to have s*x I got silenced for that. But I was defending a girl. While he was still saying how he loves to do thing with girls especially their foots

There’s no real human moderating the chat in real time, that would be way too much work. There’s a bot that has a word filter, so if you used that word, it picked it up and hit you with a silence.

If you block & report the offender, a real human can review their chat logs and determine whether a silence or ban is necessary.

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As a dataminer (Relax I’m not spoiling anything) I can say there is a text file that the bot goes through everytime something is posted to chat, if one of the words/phrases listed in it are said the person responsible for posting it is chat silenced.

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