PerBlue, let's talk

VERY well said. You are a Rockstar indeed!
I agree with all of this and I appreciate that most of the comments in the thread have been productive and thoughtful as well.


This is how PerBlue will look when they lose all their players: :clown_face::clown_face::clown_face::clown_face::clown_face:


Well polaris did state that state of the game was like 3 week ago and still no sign of it. Devs shouldn’t turn their back on comments like that because it proves everyone points on what people say about the game. Also, the live chat was pointless in all honesty, only things that was highly mentioned from the team was heroes, not about the functions of the game. There was minimal talk about some of it but not really stating what’s gonna drastically change, tbh quite the opposite…


Yeah I also have a lot of problems with that live discussion… it’s good they do them and I think going forward it would be great if they did more of them, but the one they had recently answered basically nothing of importance… it really seemed to me that they cherry picked the easy to answer questions and ones of little importance, whilst avoiding all the ones that the majority of the player base do have. The unaccetable gold and stamina costs, almost weekly release of “essential” OP characters, convenient overlooking of said characters for a few months getting us all to invest in them only to “bug fix” them once they’ve milked the deals dry… no addressing of the endless CW which I’ve been reading still has many issues, invasion tiers and sign in rewards being almost laughable… I mean the fact that we are still getting those xp bottles for sign in is ridiculous… for an example toer 57 on invasion which takes hours of grinding, rewards 4 stam potions… that gets us absolutely no where with the 11k stam badges they’ve introduced…

I really hope perblue takes notice of this post Rockstar has started, and I hope we can address the real issues that the player base has identified…


Its really very annoying that a single badge is taking 10k + stamina.
As A f2p…Per Month I can hoard just 30k-40k stamina…And What I can do just 4-5 badges from those stamina?? My work of whole months screws as i Can do Just 5 Badges from those stamina.
And Really PB Needs to read our feedback.
Or Endgame of them will be quite nearby.
Ppl Posted alot feedbacksAbout GizmoNerf,Guild Gifts, Deal Protests and Improvement In Deals But Still They are giving nil care and attention to players feedback who had been playing this game for nearly 2+ years.
@Perblue Should Listen Us…And
I Would Say @Rockstar Alot Alot Thanks for making this valuable post which Has alot strength in it. And
I Feel sorry for those who keep putting feedbacks for the game improvement but they even dont get a single reply and care about their valuable feedback
And Maybe After 6 months Pleakly will get a kinda nerf…when Ppl will Upgrade him…Daily Deals for him As More And More ppl Upgrade him For Invasion and then Time for PB action…
Nerfing the toon whom with we enjoyed The Invasion Gameplay.Looks Like They dont care about players …or They would give attention To us. I really congratulate PB…How they fooled us…by giving Just Gizmo deals before they planned to nerf him … And A great coincidence of GizmoNerf and PleaklyIntroduction
I know its weekend and PB team is off duty but In work days also our feedback is ignored.


I’ll be honest with everyone, I did stop and start with game and its becoming that time again and thats because of the content isn’t up to date. The content in game isn’t lacking, but rather the functions behind the content being released isnt being backed by the systems

So yeah, if PB doesn’t sort it out then I’ll only be playing to literally collect the heroes for sign in and thats it.


Some heroes like Ralph or vanellope are weak and PB don’t refresh them, jesus red skills, and let consumers throw tons of money into red skill. Cap rises just 5 each, but those badges are too expensive, I am TL 131 and I just promote the 4th red hero and feel it’s just hard, PB’s solution just like what they do on Portal Quest, worsen them. And the offers has gone from bad to worse. 400 gems five hero chips, more expensive like I bought 10 Robin Hood chips in 400 gems.
Friends campaign just for worse, I felt some of them are impossible to finish. I just started my plan to protect Simba &Nana and HDL to red from P1, but I estimate I need 6 months! Just any game producer is greedy, but PerBlue is one of the most greedy one.


High input (real money), high consumption(huge spend),High pollution(no money for better entertainment), low effects(hero rank, xps)
That’s Consumer does and PB ignored their feedback


Just like our feedback are faded, our rights are faded

Ok Big Crash, you need to stop using that gif.


What do you mean?

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PB just want us to spend more money, they have worsened deals, gameplay or even just characters.

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What does that have to do with ‘shorter sentences’?

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He is actually extreamly good …very suprised when i used him and he single handedly destroyed an entire team white one white skill

His active can be interrupted without a problem, while Mulan does the same job, but the possibility to interrupt her active is almost a 0%.

Then other problems, his blue skill and the disks.

I see see your point but his skill comes out so fast its hard to interrupt and for how much damage it daoes it rediculous

Not while he is using it, but between activating his white skill and throwing the first dart is a gap where he can be interrupted, losing all energy and after all doing nothing.

Well… it’s like that for every hero except Alice and the Beast. I’ve had it happening with Peter Pan and Duke Caboom, who should dodge everything with their white skills

I just wanted to highlight the fact that’s it’s too expensive now.

This is the price for one badge, this is insane…


Thats The Fact i included in my post.
How are all Ppl gonna survive in this game with heavy badge stamina costs ,gold costs, skill upgrading cost.
They are way ** Tooo Expensive**
PB should improve the Probability of getting Badges in Campaign.It can Be a good soln for this prob.

But…Is Actually pB listening to our feedback? This is Biggest question

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