PerBlue Out Of Office 6/6 - 6/10

Hello everyone! PerBlue is having an office retreat so we will all be out of office next week, 6/6 - 6/10! Responses may be slow. This will be similar to our Christmas break.

Hope everyone has a great day!


Have a great week off!

Maybe watch some cute Grogu :wink:


break about 4 days, well…, This could be an early break. :heart: :heart: :heart:
Good luck.

Enjoy yourself

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Have a great week!

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Oh well… considering the weekends it is essentially 9 days with barely any response.


Have a great weekend! Companies need rest! Have a fun office retreat and don’t get eaten by bears!

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Enjoy your break! <3

good job, enjoy your break! :smile:

Have a great break! Y’all deserve it!

Enjoy the break! The team definitely has been hard at work, especially lining up new content leading to the 4th Anniversary.

Also, may be a bit too late to say: But I’d like to say
Happy 4th Anniversary to Disney Heroes!

Have a nice break

After all that hard work, a break would be well-deserved. Enjoy the short-term vacay!

When is the new Prize Wall starting?

June 9

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Why are you closing this month does not a holiday what have I done to you I did it do any to you did I did something appropriate in the forum

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And now PB is back…

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