Petition: Adding 6th hero slot to lineups

Has this been considered or under discussion before? As the game ages, we are left with endless team combinations and heroes that we work with and then discard to replaced by the next newest heroes (or villains) that come in. Not to mention with the addition of red skills on older heroes (I’m looking at you Beast and Joy) these skills sometimes come too late for a lot of players to replace new heroes with older ones.

Coliseum would see players adding 3 more heroes to their defenses (arena would see 1) and that would give us a lot more PVP strategy than before. It would also lessen the difficulty on new campaign chapters and infected nodes. I’ve always viewed the optimal strategy consists of 2 tanks (one main and one off tank), 2 offensive heroes, 1 control and 1 support. With a sixth slot, a lot of players would be able to utilize a control/support/tank that a lot of lines are typically missing/lacking.

I’m curious how others feel about this. I’m also curious how @Polaris and the devs feel about this QoL change.

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Ngl, this isn’t needed at all, five is enough and they would have to expand the screen and stuff so no, definitely not


Expanding the lineup to 6 would also not be good for F2P players.


It’d be interesting if it was a minor gamemode, maybe as a challenge mode, but as the other two have said, it wouldn’t be good as an overhaul to the entire game. Besides making the screen even more cramped and demanding more resources to upkeep a team, it’d also be strenuous on the game’s functionality. Loading times and lag would both worsen to the point of becoming a problem, not to mention the crashes (which are already awful).

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